Friday, January 5, 2018

I Have an Issue I Need Help With.....

   My Wife Is Disabled And Only Receives A Small amount Of Social Security/Disability, Which Recently Got Cut. I Have A Disability Case In The Works And Have Been Unable To Work. We're Getting Further Behind Every Month With Our Landlord And Bills. He Still Hasn't Given Us A 3 Day Notice So I Can At Least Take It To Social Services To Get Some Help. Can't Even Afford To Move If We Wanted To Because We Have Nothing To Save. I've Been Praying about This For Awhile Now And Don't Know Quite What To Do.
   My Son Suggested I Put Up A Link To A Account. I Really Don't Like Asking For Help. I'm So Used To Working And Providing What We Need. Maybe It's Too Much Pride Because Of The Way I Was Raised. Long Story Short, If You Feel Led To Help It Would Be Greatly Appreciated. If Not, No Worries. Somehow Jesus Will Make A Way. The Link Is Below Because I Still Can't Figure Out How To Put A PayPal Donate Button On This Blog. His Greatest Blessings Over Each And Every One Of You....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

You Shoot Me Down, But I Won't Fall, I Am Titanium....Because Of Jesus.

Editors Note: This Was written Very Quickly. Unfortunately My Brain Can't Slow Down Enough Lately To Work In Synch With My Fingers.
   I Had One Of Those Very Sudden 'Epip
hanies' While Praying Today.
  See, It Was 15 Degrees And -3 Wind Chill Earlier This Afternoon. I'm Happy That I Took Heed And Went To The Store Earlier This Afternoon. Currently, It's 10 Degrees And -8 Wind Chill. But That Can Change By The Hour. As We've Seen In The Past.
   Seeing As I Have No Car, I Have To Make This Particular Trek To The Store Each Day. Rain Or Shine And 'Urban Forage' For Sustenance For My Family, LOL! But Today Was A Lot Less Exhausting As Other Days. It Was On My Walk Home That I Was Praying And Beseeching The Lord For A Friendly Ride, Or At Least His Strength To Carry Me Home. Why You Might Ask?
   I Was Carrying A Backpack Filled With Anywhere From 40-50 Pounds Of Consumables. And With Freezing Hands & Fingertips, Another 1-2 Bags.
   5-10 Pounds Each. And As I Struggled On This Journey, I Was Just Attempting To PrayAnd Trust Him To Get Me Back Home Safely One Step At A Time. And It Made Me Think Of How Our Servicemen Train. You Look At Only The Next Step, Yet Be Aware.
   My Father, A Col. And Veteran Of Both Army Service And A Long Air Force Career, Instilled In Us Both ( My Sister Included) A Drive That Went Beyond The Values Held Then, Versus Those That Seem To Be Held Round The World Today. An Ancient  Blessing Of a  'Stick-To-It-Ness'  Spirit. It Just Means In Your Heart That You Will Keep Trusting In Him, His Grace And Strength To Keep Putting That One Foot In Front Of The Other Every Day. Not Looking Behind, For That Road Hasn't Changed. Nor Looking Ahead, To Paths Not Seen Yet. Ignore All The Distractions And Stay Focused On The Next Step.
   By Our Salvation Through Jesus And The Acceptance Of His Sacrifice, We've Been Set Free. And We Can Raise Our Voices In This New Year..Finally. The Fire Suppressed Over Years Is Already Exploding Around The World. Just Check Out The News.
    I Hope I Have Learned This Through Out My Life  Now, And Only Because Of Jesus And His Love & Grace Throughout My Life Since I Was A Child. He Has Kept Me Alive For His Purposes. I'm Not Special. Don't Know Why He's Kept Me Alive After Multiple Hospitalizations, Injuries, stitches, MRI's, CT Scans And Specialists Pronouncing 'DOOM!' Over My Life.
   Yet, I Still Stand. Time And Again At Death's Door, He Has Said, "No. Not Yet." Like Many Now Reading This Message From Every Point Of The Globe. Learn To Just Step Out And Listen To Your Heart Everyday. With It Comes Peace And Awesome Miraculous Surprises. A Father Loves To Surprise His Children. don't You? Be Prepared....<3'n Jesus Always,k.. 

Destinies Of Nations Rises Upon The Backs Of Our Children Now.........Those That Have Ears To Hear, ..Hear...

   I See So Many Countries Around The World Reading My Blog Lately. I'm Truly Blown Away And Appreciate The Support. But To Those Nations That I Haven't Addressed Specifically Yet Because I Haven't Heard A Specific Word Yet, Please Take Heart. Be Patient. I Am A Little Older,Slower And Much More Burdened With Taking Care Of My Disabled Wife In The Last Few Years. But Here Is What Has Been In My Spirit;
   A Mighty Wind Is Blowing, And Will Get Stronger As The Seasons Begin To Pass. Like A Forest Fire Started By Only A Simple Spark, It Will Eventually Rage Out Of Control, Even With The Best Efforts Of Those Who Attempt To Control It. Look To Each Nation Across The Expanse Of The Earth Now: Insurrection, Defiance, Rebellion And Justice Have Taken Precedence With Long Held Tyranny And Suppression Of God's People. But Now, The Tide Turns.
   The Word Of God Says In The Book Of Isiah 59:19; "So Shall They Fear The Name Of The Lord From The West, And His Glory From The Rising Of The Sun; When The Enemy Comes In, Like A Flood The Spirit Of The Lord Will Raise Up A Standard Against Him."
   Expect This Now After The Beginning Of This Year. A Fresh Breath And Wind Is Coming Upon His Willing Servants. It's A Wind And Fire Of Evangelism. The Time For The Harvest Is Ripe. The Hearts Cry Out From Every Nation Named Upon This Earth For Not Just Deliverance, But Glory For The Visions, Drems And Subtle Whispers In Their Hearts And Minds. Slavery Will Be Broken And Bells Of Freedom In His Spirit Will Ring. Don't Caught Up In What You See, But What Is Now Unseen, Because Victory And Unspeakable Joy Is Shortly Ahead.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.
 P.S. I Will Be Posting Individual Words As I Am Allowed To Observe, See And Understand. Maybe I'm Crazy...Yet Judge For Yourselves In Truth And Experience. #JusSayinWhilePrayin...
....<3'n Jesus Always,k.
    (Editors Note): I Wrote This Pretty Late And Didn't Go Back To Proofread It Before I Posted It. Sorry If Some Was A Little Confusing. sometimes The Thoughts Come A Little Too Fast For My Old Fingers To Keep Up With, LOL! ...<3'n Jesus Always,k. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

(Part 2) "Our/Your Children....The Manifestation Of A Seed Of A Dream.....

   This Is The Very Essence Of Being A Parent And Having A Child. We Planted A Seed. But We Didn't, And Don't Realize The Power That Seed Will Have Over The Years. They Can Grow Into Weeds. And Yet, With The Right Amount Of Care And Love, Can Become A Strong And Mighty Fortress And Shelter For Those Still Young And Inexperienced Fully In Life Yet.
   We Have A Dream Of Children That Have Benefited From Our Experiences And Wisdom. Sometimes Earned And Learned By Very Harsh Circumstances. It's The Journey Of A Child Of Jesus. We Go Through Situations And Choices That Draw Us To A Certain End.
   I've Watched My Children That Were My 'Seed' , Some Planted And Others Transplanted Into My Journey With Jesus. And I Have Loved Them And Have Seen Them Blossom Into Awesome Servants. 2 Nurses, 1 Educator And One Self-Taught Artist. I Am Amazed At How The Father Promises And We Will Have That Little Seed Of Faith In What We Have Produced As A Replica Of Ourselves, Values And General Humanity. A Principle And Theory That Seems To Be Very Lost In This New Generation.
   But What I Have Seen, Is A Generation Suddenly On Fire. Not By Anything They Have Done Or Desired At Times. Situations Change Perceptions. This Will Be The Most Powerful Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit Since The Book Of Acts And The Visitation In The Upper Room. The Time Has Come.
   A Rumble Of Discontent To Man-Made 'Slavery' And 'Oppression' In Many Different Ways Across The World Today, Even The Very Beginning Of 2018. A Storm Is Coming. And I Look Forward To My Children Being At The Strong Forefront Of A Battle Between Apathy, Greed, And Pride Versus An Attitude Of Unconditional Love, Humility And Compassion To The Curious, Hungry And Shabbily Clothed. And These Are Not Just Physical Or Naturally Observable Traits. Many Times They Are Buried Beneath Years Or Decades Of Being Told :Your An Idiot. You Are Such A Loser. You Are Such A Failure. Just Give Up". And I Am Very Sure In My Spirit This Has Been The Predominate Feature Of Your Lives.
   And Now....It Is A New Year. It Ends This Year. Either We Walk With Jesus Fully, Knowing The Precious Price Paid, And 'Lay Down Our Lives', Or We Keep 'Playing Church". No More Riding The Fence Until Things Get Even Worse, Thinking Our Practiced Prayers Will Do Any True Lasting Benefit Over Our Lives. Building Idols That Are Uncaring And Unforgiving.
   Take Thought To What It Means To Be A Parent. A Great Responsibility And Hope Has Been Placed In Your Lives, To Look Forward To With A Bright Future, And Increase In Understanding. We Always Have A Desire To See Our Children Go So Much Further Than Many Of Us Had Opportunity Or Chances In Our Live's Take Heed Now To The Signs In Front Of Your Eyes. The Lord God Does Nothing Without Revealing It First To His Servants The Prophets.
   This Will Be A Year Of Incredible Reconciliations Of Families And Relationships. He's Spoken It And It Will Happen. Don't Grieve His Spirit By Resistance. Pray That Everyone Who Reads This PERCEIVES The Change In The Winds. Justice And Righteousness Are Coming This Year.The Tree Is Being Shaken. But Jesus And The Father Have Begun To Judge The Body First.
   Diamonds And Gold Are Refined From Polluted Ore. But Once Refined, They Become A Dominating Force Of Life. Give Love Away Today, And Watch Your Tommorrows Bloom With Blessings, Joy And Provision....<3'n Jesus,k.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Our/Your Children....The Manifestation Of The Seed Of A Dream From Long Ago.......

   I Have 4 Children.
   Three I Long Ago I Accepted As My Own, And The Responsibility That Comes With That. To Raise Them With Values Exceeding Both Of Our Upbringing And Backgrounds.
 I Evidently Won Over Their Mothers Heart Because, (From What She Has Related To Me Of Our First Date), I Gladly Took All Three With Us. "The More The Merrier.."
   Why I Never Walked Away Like Most Males Today, At The News Of Additional People & Responsibility In The Mix Knowing My Own Selfish Nature, Has Been A Miracle And Vision Revealed Now Over The Decades. Flown In Like A Bird In My Much Less Retainable Memory Lately.
   Today, Our Hearts Burst With Joy, Pride, Continued Prayers And A Continued Vision That They Have Evolved Into Beings Of Intense Compassion & Sacrifice To Others.
   You Know, It Took Until This Very Moment To Understand The Depths Of The Core Of Love's Lessons Of Life. And My Children Have Engraved The Witness And Values We Tried To Instill In Them, Upon Their Hearts & Actions. Even Through Times When We Both Felt We'd Failed Not Only Them & Ourselves, But Most Importantly Our Father In Heaven
   See....My Wife & I Both Come From "Dysfunctional Families". Through Jesus Grace And Sacrifice, We Walked Beyond The Havoc & Devastation Of Our Former Lives. Some By Our Stupidity & Some Of Others. That Both Of Us Are Still Even Alive Is A Miracle To Us Everyday Now.
   Where The Spirit Goes, The Mind & Body Follow. Just Like A Seed Planted In Barren Soil. Yet Watered Over The Years By Love, And Tended With Discipline, It Grows Into A Mighty Shelter To Those Less Strong. 
.....To Be Continued........
    .......................<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Canada, Look Forward To This New Year. You Have Been Heard, And You Will Rise With A Mighty Voice....

   Your Fervent Prayers Have Been Heard In The Throne Room Of Heaven. Your Tears Have Been Collected In His Hands. You Desire A Destiny Forged By His Grace And Power, Yet Have Been Mocked By The Nations For Your Calm & Peace In The Midst Of Strife. Matthew 5:9, "Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God."  Hold Tightly Now In The Face Of Opposition, To What You Have Been Shown, Taught And Experienced Over These Last Few Years.
   Your Hope, And Especially Your Heart-Worn Prayers Day & Night Have Not Been In Vain. Out  Of Despair, Does Not The Commander Of  The Lord's Host Of Armies Bring Victory And 'Joy Unspeakable And Full Of Glory'? Yet, This Is For His Glory Alone, And Not Of Men's Simple Thinking And Vain Desires, But That The Knowledge Of  The Lord Will Be Shared Around The World.
   I See Missionaries, Set On Fire By His Anointing Taking The Revelations And Power Of His Holy Spirit, That Will Dispel Long Held Myths Perpetrated By Men Of Greed & Power. You Will Take His Message Of True Salvation To Masses In Countries Around The World. You Will Be Moved Not By Men And Doctrines, But Will Be Moved By The Soft Whisper And Sudden Anointing Coming Upon You To Set The Captives Free.
   So Many Have Been Deceived By The Seducer Of Men's Souls, Yet The Lord Your God Has Declared It And It Shall Be Performed. Worry Not For Oppression Or Resistance, For You Shall See The Salvation Of Your God And The Wonders He Will Perform. Yet, Hold Fast In The Light Of These Acts That You Are His Instrument, Playing The Song Of His Freedom Through Jesus .
   Be Faithful, For Your Reward Comes Quickly....<3'n Jesus Always,k.
  P.S. Lord, Please Deliver My Words To Those That Seek, And Let My Lips Speak Only Your Truth.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Poland......Have You Thought You Were Forgotten? ...

   The Lord's Heartfelt Wish For You Is To Come Back To Your First Love. Though Our Languages Be Different, In Every Country, The Language Of Love Never Changes. A Language Long Held As The Oldest Symbol In The World. A Symbol Of Outstretched Hands In A Time Of Need. Not Just Materially Centralized, But an Outpouring Against The Staleness In Your Hearts. You Were Designed To Give. Why Rub 'Mother Nature' The Wrong Way And Take A Chance? You May Be Very Surprised...When You Comply. Behold.....A New World Opens Before You...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Fire Comes To Only Purify, Not Destroy........

  Like Gold Ore, Our Lives Consist Of Much Daily Dross. Phones Ringing, Emails Pinging, Our Lives Absorbed Into A Virtual World. Can't Count How Many Times I've Walked To And From The Store And Had To Veer Quickly Out Of Someone's Way Because They Were At 'Level Infinity' On Candy Crush Saga. (Trademark Registered, LOL!)
   I've Noticed A Change Over The Last 7 Years. Things I Dreamed Perhaps Impossible Come To Pass On A Daily Basis Now. Woes And Afflictions Have Come And Gone This Past Year. And Even More Before That. And More, Regrettably, Are  Yet To Come. Does The Statement "Purified By Fire" Make Any Sense Now? Those That Have Ears To Hear, Hear...   And Yet The Signs Are Still Ignored. High Time To Wake Up Body. Do You Want To Be Transformed, Or Deformed?......................<3'n Jesus Always,k. 

If You Don't Mind...I'd Like To Say A Little Prayer Over My Family & Myself. Hope You Join.....

   This Last Year Has Been An Incredible Trial. I'm Not Trying To Draw Any Attention "Al'a" A  #TrendingGoFundMe Page On Other Media Platforms. My Life Has Been Committed To His Love, Compassion And Provision Every Day Now. Can We See Tomorrow's Events? Can We Plan For Those Delays In Our Days? Yet Every Moment Of Your Precious Life Has Meaning To Him, Like A Mother For A Child. Something Born Of Heart And Spirit. Yet, A Destiny To Amaze Others With the Glory Of Not Only His Gifts, But His Forgiveness, Love And Compassion. Lay Hold Of Those Things Truly Important Now. Or, Go The Other Way. You Have The Choice...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Part 2: France, Yes You Are Loved And Cherished.....

   Though Your Current Circumstances Seem Bleak, Dark And Uncertain, Yet The Spark Of The Father's Love Grows Ever Stronger. Now Lay Claim To The Creative Visions And Dreams You've Had. Have Only The Faith Of A Mustard Seed. You Will Move Mountains Through Unconditional Love And Humility. Having Then The Mind, Compassion And Heart Of Christ, Praying For Others Than One's Self,...Behold The Suddenness Of  His Answers This Season. His Boldness Will Cause Your Fear To Flee. His Word Of Truth Will Come Forth With Humility From Your Mouth's, & Will Cut Through Lies And Misrepresentations, Exposing The Bare Truth Be Ready Church. Your Greatest Year Is Yet To Come. When One Bleed's,... We All Bleed Red....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Monday, December 18, 2017

"Thunder...Hear The Thunder. Lightning And The Thunder, Thunder.."...(All Credit To 'Imagine Dragons')

Update: My Apologies If I Made Grammatical  Or Spelling Errors In This Post. It Was A Little Rushed, As The Thoughts Came A Little Too Quick. I'm Just a Little Slower Now-A-Days Because Of My Parkinson's Diagnosis, Which I Don't Trust. And Yet.."It Is What It Is." Will Make Corrections As I Read Over What I Wrote. Thanks For Your Patience With My Addled Brain At Times. And Yet, The <3 Of The Message Remains...<3'n Jesus Always,k. 

A Storm Is Coming. A Storm That Crosses Not Only The Natural Boundaries We Observe, But A Storm Of Epic Proportions Across All Phases Of Society. This Message Is Not For One Particular Nation, Creed Or Belief, But It Behooves Every Man, Woman And Child Living Today. High Time We Paid Attention To The Issues And Challenges Facing Our Everyday Existence Across This Infinitesimally Tiny Sphere We Call 'Earth'.
   A Storm Is Coming. Storms Change The Structure And Face Of All Thought Permanent And Solid. Foundations Trusted In... Over Days, Weeks, Years, Decades And Centuries Of Our Lives, Experiences And Understanding. Within The Span Of Minutes They Can Be Swept From Under Our Feet Leaving Us Bewildered And Devoid Of Knowing What To Even Trust In Anymore.
   And Yet, The Storm Does Not Cease.Though Everything Permanent And Thought Solid Is Wiped From Before Our Eyes. And Yet What Remains? Faith, Hope.....And Above All, Love. The Greatest And Strongest Foundation Anyone Can Build Upon: Love, Compassion And Forgiveness.
   A Seed, With No End To It's Productivity After Being Planted. It Stretches Over Generations, Long Since Buried & Forgotten Over The Sands Of Time. Yet, One Act Of Love Stretching Over 1000's Of Years.
   Only One Act Of Selfless Love Can Be Written In The History Books As 'Legendary And Epic.' The Same Act Of Love That Jesus Christ Showed Us On The Cross. A 'Laying Down Of One's Life' For His Friends That Was Not Understood In It's Brevity. Even 2000 Years Later. An Act Of Forgiveness To The End Of His Short Time Here. Even For Those That Tortured, Abused, Spit Upon, Insulted And Mocked The Claims He Made, Even In The Face Of  Testimony By Many Valid Witnesses Over The Course Of Years.
   A Love Unknown, Unseen And Unaccepted At Times By The Current Situations That Consume Our Daily Routines. A Vision Of Our Future, Clouded And Misunderstood By Us As Of Yet. A Future, Shadowed By Our Current Lives Of Acceptance Of Our Fate Of A Life Of Difficulties And Eventually, Death. Unbeknownst To All Mankind. Except At The Moment Of Hidden Revelation, Just Like The Roman Soldier That Pierced Jesus's Side.
   According To Ancient Texts Not Included In Current Biblical Texts, It's Said That A Blind Centurion Named Longinus Of Italy, Pierced His Side. But Became A Believer After Christ's Blood Fell On His Eye's And He Was Healed Of His Blindness, Both Physically And Spiritually. Eventually Because Of His Ardent Belief In Jesus, He Was Beheaded For His Lord, Yet Never Backed Down.
   Though It May Be Myth And Legend, The Message Remains The Same. Just A Mustard Seed Of Faith In Jesus And His Promises. Do You Know How Large A Mustard Seed Is? The Standard Mustard Seed Is Approximately 1-2 Millimeters In Diameter. Or For Those On The English Standard Of Measurement, 0.039-0.079 Inches.
   In The Book Of Matthew Chapter 17:20, He Told His Disciples When They Asked Him Why They Could Not Cast Out A Demon, He Responded By Saying "Because You Have So Little Faith. Truly I Tell You, If You Have The Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed, You Can Say To This Mountain, 'Move From Here To There', And It Will Move. Nothing Will Be Impossible For You."
   We All Have 'Mountains' In Our Lives. Be They Physical, Financial, Mental, Emotional Or Most Importantly, Spiritual. Yet One Speck Of Faith The Size Of A Mustard Seed, Which Grows Into A Tree And Gives Shelter To Those That Live In It's Shadow And Branches, Can Overcome Any Obstacle. In A World Today That Celebrates The Birth Of The One Called 'Savior', So Little Faith Is Placed In His Name. It Is A Time When Once Again, He Is Mocked, Scorned, Ignored And Despised In A World Desperately Needing A Miracle.
   For This Next Year, I Along with Many Other Prophets And Seers, Have Been Blessed To Be Counted Worthy To 'See' The Outpouring Of His Power And Glory Around The World Coming Quickly. Judgement Comes To The Church First, Then The Rest Of The World. And Only After Discipline Comes Correction. From Correction Comes Change. This Year Of 2017 Has Shown Us Devastation Across The World. Some Things Never Having Been Seen Or Experienced Before. Yet, Faith Grows Stronger. In So Doing, Power And Glory For His Name, And Not That Of Some Human Dressed In A 3 Piece Suit Driving A Benz Or Rolls Royce. Become Stronger This Day Not By What You See, But By Who You Believe.
   I Could Relate The Hardships & Experiences That I And My Family Have Been Subjected To This Year In a False Hope Of Gaining Sympathy From Others. And Yet Like The Apostle Paul, I Count It All As Loss Compared To The Glory Set Before Me.
   I Would Encourage Those Of You, Some Who Have Had Tremendous Losses Far Greater Than Mine, To Look To The True Meaning For Celebrating This Holiday Season. And Look Forward Now To A New Year That Will Astound Many Of You. Celebrate Not The Birth Of The Savior As A Small Helpless Child In A Manger, But His Resurrection As A Glorious Lord With All Power And Forgiveness, Transformed By His Sacrifice. Look Ahead, Because After The Storms Comes The Sunshine Of Growth And Maturity.   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Can't See The Forest For The Trees. And Can't See The Beauty Of Looking Beyond Our Needs....

  I've Understood Of Late, The Way The Father Uses Even The Most Mundane Moments In Our Everyday Life To Teach Us A New And Wonderful Truth About His Love. At Times I've Thought, Over My Almost 6 Decades Of Life, That I Had Seen And Understood. So Much Of What Life Consists Of, And Creates The Happiness & Contentment That Every Man, Woman And Child Seeks.
   We Are Taught, By Many Societies Around Us, To Value What Many Call Wealth, Power, Fame And Security as Our "Footholds" To More Peace In Our Lives.
   I've Been Blessed To Have None Of These Things In My Life Lately. My Life Consists Of Taking Care Of A Disabled, But Loving And Dedicated Wife, Of Almost 30 Years Now. Surviving On Very Little Income Each Month, Yet Blessed Each Day That We've Been Allowed To Eat, Survive And Thank Jesus For Another Day Of Small Blessings That Teach Us A Different Perspective On What We Attach Our Values To.
   Each Day It Seems Over This Last Several Years Has Presented Some New Catastrophe And Challenge To Our Health, Both Mentally Or Physically. We Have Been Faced With Financial Challenges Through The Roof. Gone Are The Days Of Youth Misspent On Nights And Days Wasted Through Vain Foolishness And Chasing Dreams Of Graven Idols That Spoke Of What The Definitions Of "Success" Meant To Us.
   Working Day Shifts/Night Shifts and Every Holiday In Between To Take Care Of The Needs Of Our Family. And Learning What It Means At Times To Sacrifice For Them, To Cause Them To Grow Up To Become Successful And Wonderful Carers For The Beauty Of Life Around Them. And Yet, I Digress,.... LOLZ!
   I Have A Bad Tendency To Ramble At Times Lately. I'm Seeing So Much Lately That Gives Me An Even Greater Urgency To Learning The Deeper Lessons Of Love And Sacrifice. Not Some Media Driven Dream Or Drama Of The Masses, Pathetically Chasing After Things Which Can't Love You Back Or Even Listen To Your Hopes, Dreams, Worries And Fears.
   It Snowed Here Last Night. The First Significant Snowfall This Year At This Time. 3-6 Inches, I Think. Or For Those Metrically Based, 7.62 To 10.16 Centimeters Of Snow. Enough To Make a Snowball, But Not Sled On. Yet I Noticed as I Walked Outside, The Birds On The Ground & In The Trees, Looking Everywhere At A Ground Now Devoid Of The Green Grass Of Yesterday And Covered With The White Stillness Of A World Grown Cold And Devoid Of Life And Nutrition.
   And I Walked Back Inside and Grabbed Some Scraps Of Bread. Feeling All Jolly With Myself, I Began To Tear It Apart And Toss It Out On To The Sidewalk In Front Of My House That I Always Do. It Landed Silently, And Most Disappointingly, Buried In The Snow Where Not Even An Eagle's Eyes Would Have Seen It. Yet, I Walked Back In And Grabbed 2 More Pieces And Faced The Bitter Cold Once Again. This Time I Put The Pieces On Top Of The Dead Bushes On The Right. At Least It's To The Right If You're Coming Down The Steps. Otherwise, It's To Your Left If Approaching My Porch Bearing Gifts. But, I Digress Once Again......
   My Point Is....Or Actually, The Holy Spirit's Point Is As Far As My Little Understanding Takes Me, Is That Love Takes Sacrifice. And Yet, Creates Unspeakable Joy For The Giver. I Got So Much Joy Out Of Coming Back From My Elderly Neighbor's When I Saw The Multiple Birdie Tracks In The Snow, On The Bushes And The Sidewalk To My Porch. Even Though I didn't See Them Eating The Food, They Left Behind Their Joy, In Perhaps What Was Their Only Day's Meal. And I Realized With A Clarity Only Given By His Spirit: That Small, Insignificant Gift To Them Of A Bit Of Sacrifice Can Mean The World To Someone. We Were Meant To Give Our Lives Away As Believers In Christ. To Gain New Life And Joy From Him Each Day We Are Allowed To Breath. And Many Times It's "Inconvenient" For Us To Do That Because Of The Way The World Has Programmed Our Thinking.
   Stop For A Minute. Listen To The Wind. Smell The Fresh Air Around You. All, Down To Even The Beat Of Your Heart..A Gift From The Father. Who Laid Down In Sacrifice His Own Son, That Our Futures Would Be Even Brighter Than Any Number Of Lifetime's Can Begin To Imagine. All Because Of A Temporary, Yet Eternal Sacrifice. Enjoy Life, No Matter How Difficult.
....Only Believe....<3'n Jesus Always,k.      

Friday, November 24, 2017

Yesterday Was Thanksgiving Here In The USA, Yet Shouldn't Everyday Be "Thanksgiving Day" Everywhere?....

   Well, Yesterday Was "Thanksgiving Day" For Us Here In America. It's A Day Of Memory To Freedom And Family. I'm Sure That Every Country Across Our Beautiful, God-Given Earth Has A Day That Is Significantly Similar In Many Ways, Just Different Names.
   I Have Looked Back Over This Last Year And Seen The Drastic Changes That Have Transpired In My Own Life, And Of Those Around The World. Life-Altering Changes In So Many Ways. Many Have Been Stripped Of All They Have Known To Be So Familiar To Their Lives.
   I'm 57 Right Now. Soon To Be 58 Come February 18th Of This Next Year. I Have Been Very Healthy And Sound In Both Mind, Body, Finances And I Thought..My Understanding Of His Particular Ways Of Dealing With Us. And Yet, Like A Diamond, Until You Turn It In The Light, You Never See All Of It's Flaws Or Potential Beauty.
   From The Beginning Of This Year, The Word 'Apocalypse' Has Taken On New Meaning To My Life. It Reminds Me Of Something I Heard The Christian Teacher, Joyce Meyer, Say Last Week: We Are Being Stripped, Like Refinishing An Old Piece Of Furniture. Didn't Make That Much Sense At The Time, But Jesus And The Holy Spirit Have Their OWN Sense Of Timing For What They Reveal.
   I Realized After Many Months Now, And The Hardships We Have Been ALLOWED To Go Through, That He Has An Eternal Purpose, Not A Temporary One. I've Watched My Mental State And Physical State Be Plundered By Clinical Depression (The Seperation From The Safety Of Our Own Familiar World), Early Onset Of Parkinson's Disease (Seperation From Your Memories And Ability To Control Your Physical Actions), My Spouse Being Confined To a Psych Ward For 2 Months (The Separation Of Familiar Relationships), The Loss Of Treasured Friendships And Support (Other Than Dependence On His Grace Alone)  And Now Last Week, A Serious Injury To Something In My Spine, It Seems. (The Separation Of Our Physical Strength To Carry Us Through To Our Expectations Of Provision For Ourselves And Our Loved Ones). And Now Realizing, It's All Part Of The "Stripping" Of Ourselves And Who We Thought We Were In Our Own Minds, Instead Of His Will In Our Lives For His Glory.
   It's A Time Of Change In Our World That All Of Us Will Now Go Through. Yet, Do You Despair Or Rejoice In The Changes He Is Making, Though They Scuff Our Minds, Hearts And Bodies? Me? I Will Choose To 'Soldier' On Through What He Has Established In My Life. Why? Because He Has A Wonderful Habit Of Bringing The Dead Back To The Living. Think The "Dry Valley Of Bones". Think The Raising Of Lazarus. Think...The Raising Of Jesus Christ From The Dead In The Face Of 500 Witnesses To Glory Everlasting. Through His Grace And Resurecction Power, I/You Will Live And Arise Again. Hold Tightly To That Eternal Promise, Children Of The Most High God....And Walk everyday In 'Thanksgiving', That You Still Have Life Everlasting Beyond This Deteriorating World.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.