Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Life Is A Little Complicated Right Now......

     As Of Lately, Every Area Of My Life Has Been Hit With Negative Impacts And Reports Of Failure And Doom. With All This Coming At Me Lately, I'm Feeling A Little Abandoned At Times. Even By My Own Family Members. And Every Once In A While, By The One Who Gave His Life For Me.
   Sure, Life Can Feel Dark Sometimes. So Much Going On Around Our Little Blue Marble. Because Each Day Brings New Stories Worldwide About Tragedy, Destruction, And Hatred That Spawns Unspeakable Atrocities.
   And Yet We Still Think We Are Daily Following His Admonition To "Forgive Your Brother Not 7 Times Each Day, But 70 x 7.
   That's 490 Times A Day. Now That Statement... If We Are Truly Following After Jesus With All Our Hearts, Means No Matter How Many Times Your Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Spouse, Friend Etc. Offends You, We Are Required To Forgive.
  Why? Because If You Claim Christ As Your Savior, Then He Paid A Price Immeasurable To Our Little Pious "Forgive & Forget" Attitudes. It's Our Required Duty As A Child Of The Most High.
   And Though My Life Has Been Turned Upside Down Right Now, My Eyes Are Staying Upon Him. He Has Delivered Me From Far Too Much To Turn Back Now. Yes, I May Stumble. I May Fall. But He Will Pick Me Up And Help Me Continue To Put One Step In Front Of The Other. Every Day In Every Way.
   One Thing I Know, Is That He PROMISED To Never Leave Me Or Forsake Me. No Matter What Happens In My Personal World, Or The Great Big World Around Me and Mine. And He Has Done Neither Yet.   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There Are No Words.....

   This Post Should Speak For Itself. I Don't Need To Add My Current Thoughts Or Situation.
 .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

"Make it easier for Jesus to come back this next year, by living the life He asked you to live. So that others might not have to make excuses for why Christians don't live the way He asked them to."              ---Keith Green, Estes Park-1978 
 ...<3'n Jesus Always,k

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One More Day..Of Him Stepping Beyond The Veil.......

   When I Started This Blog, I Mentioned That Each Day Of Our Lives, Involve Taking Them ONE DAY At A Time In Our Walk With With Jesus. Our Advancement And Progression Seems To Depend On Your Own Personal Relationship, And The Level Of That Relationship. And If I Didn't, Then I Need To Now. To The Body Of Christ As A Whole.
   Look.....I'm Not, And Don't Even Presume To Be Any Sort Of Prophet, Seer, Teacher, Pastor, Bishop, Or ANYWHERE Near Being Even Any Sort Of 'Disciple' Of Jesus Christ. I'm Just Trying To 'Muck/Slog/Walk/March It Out, Like Any Other Christian who Truly Proclaims Jesus Christ As Lord, Master And Savior. Especially In This Broken, Screwed Up, Dysfunctional, And 'COMING SOON!', Apocalyptic World We Now Reside In.
   We, As A Human Race Occupy. We Take Over, Use, Abuse, & Misuse All We Have Been Blessed With. We Seek The Things That Flow Like Water Through Our Cupped Hands Of Greed, Covetousness And Pride.
   Oh, I'm Not Just Out Throwing 'Flaming Arrows Of Judgement' At Anyone In Particular. I Find Myself,The More Palatable Target In My Own Mind, Ethics And Current Emotional State. There Are Too Many Unknowns Each Day. Things That Destroy Our Values. Things That destroy Our Bodies. And The Things That Attempt To Destroy Our Spirit.
   And Yet, Because Of The One Who Called Me Years Ago, I Just So Happen To Be Reasonably Alive. HE Takes Care Of TODAY's Needs For My Disabled Wife, And My Son, Who At Age 23, Contracted And Survived Stage 4 Cancer. By The Grace And Favor Of He Who Has Laid Down His Life For Me And Mine. He ALWAYS Comes Through For Us Somehow.
   Yes. Jesus. 'Yeshua Hamaschiah', The Christ. The Messiah. THE Son Of David, The Great IAM, The Word Made Flesh.
The One Whose FACE Shines With Purity & A Holiness Like The Brightest, Burning Magnesium You Have Ever Seen.
Like Watching Someone Arc Weld 2 Metals Together.....
Like Staring At The Sun Head-On For Hours On End...
   Whatsoever Occurs Day To Day In Our Petty, Limited,Closed-In Minds. He Alone, Is The Only One Who Has Redeemed Me To Live Out a Life Of Glory That Can Only Belong To Him.
   He Alone, Has Earned It And Paid A Price None Of Us Could Ever Pay. He's Earned Our Praise And Glory....#JusSayinWhilePrayin....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Monday, March 27, 2017

France, ..Oh, France! A Visitation Is Coming.......

   I Was Compelled To Post this A Little Bit Ago....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

  "Listen To The Winds Of Change, France! The Spirit Of The Living God Is Descending Upon Your Country To Establish His Kingdom On This Earth. You Will Rise From the Ashes Of Indecision, Greed, And The Deceptions Around You. The Veil Shall Fall From Your Eyes, And You Will Witness The Truth Of His Resurrection.
  You Have Been Mocked As A Nation Of Cowards, Yet By The Hand Of My Spirit, You Shall Rise Again As A Nation Of Righteousness. One That Glorifies The Name Of He Who Lives Forever. Your Surrender Is Not To The Passing Whims And Trends Of The World, But Your Surrender Will Be To The Commander Of The Angel Armies.
   Watch Now As The Winds Of Justice And The Righteousness Of God Arises Out Of The Ashes Of Indifference."


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Edit Update: My Punctuational, Grammatical & Structural Apologies....

  First Of All: My Apologies For Not Re-Reading My Last Post. I Hope Ya'll Will Understand. As I Have Been Stating, I've Been Facing Quite A Few Health, Financial And Spiritual Challenges Lately And It Has Kept Me A Little Busy. 
  See, I Usually Only Blog And Write When I'm Inspired And Led To. At Times, The Message Is Running So Quickly Through My Head And Spirit, That I Haven't Been Paying Attention To Proofreading The Details Of What I Wrote. And Of The Lessons He Teaches Me Daily Through The Trials, Tribulations, And Marvelously Awesome Victories He Brings. Sometimes It Pertains To One Specific Incident That The Lord Uses To Teach Me A Lesson. 
  And Other Times, One Daily Incident Or Interaction With Loved Ones Or Strangers Teaches A Multitude Of Lessons. All Intertwined Seamlessly With Demonstrations Of His Love And Care For Me And Mine. He's Shared A Lot Of Lessons With Me Lately, And Lovingly Corrected And Taught Me As Only Our Truly Loving Father Can.
  Like I Told A Dear Friend The Other Day On Facebook, For The UMPTEENTH Time Now Over My 36 Years Of Walking With Him (Not Really Counting The 5 Years Before, When I Had Made "The Walk" To The Front Of  A Little Church High In The Mountains Of North Carolina, But,...That's Another Story), He GENTLY Reminded Me Again That There Are Times In Our Life When He Molds And Pounds Us Like Clay, Separates Us From Everything We May Have Found Joy In, And Puts The Heat & Pressure On Us That Is Needed To Change Us From The Blackest Coal Into A Diamond Worthy Of His Appraisal And Approval. 
  But I Do Intend To Go Back And Add On & Edit, As Quick As Time And Energy Permits. Provided I Can Pay My Internet Bill This Month, LOL! I'm Going To Wrap This Up For Now Because I'm Finishing This Up Through My Still Very Tired Eyes After Only Sleeping A Few Hours, And I Have To Take My Wife To The Doctors Office In A Couple Of Hours. May Your Day Today Be Especially Blessed By The Lord As He Shows You His Own Special Love For You, Through His Many Varied And 'Mysterious' Ways, In The Power, Name And Authority Of Jesus Name. Amen. Be Back Soon. ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Been Praying Today...And Perhaps A New World Is On The Way....

   Well, I Spent Some Time In Prayer Again Today. Mulling Over A Few Things In The Current News, And Events Occurring In And Around Our Not-So-Little-World. New Planets Have Been Discovered That Our Human Race Can Suck Dry Of Resources Eventually. New Shifts In Seismic Activity Have Shook The World. Old, Long-Thought Dormant Volcano's, Are Awakening With A New And Unbelievable Ferocity. Our Earth's Magnetic Shield Is Being Tested With 'Force Majeure' From The Sun, In It's Already Fragile, Magnetic State. Not To Mention The Massive, On Going Radiation Leak From Fukushima's Nuclear Reactors Over 5 Years Ago, Into The Pacific Ocean That They Can't Even Make A Robot That Can Withstand The Radiation Levels, Just To Find The Source. And The Unexpected Meteors. And Floods. And Landslides. And Infestations Of Bugs & Viruses. The Massive Die Offs Of Plants, Insects And Animal Life Around The World. Not To Mention The Human Factors: Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Etc.
   If Not For The Hope Of The Father, The Son, And The Mighty Holy Spirit Stepping In, .....We Should All Be Lost As A Race. We Should Be Nothing More Than The Dust Under Our Feet. Yet, He Has Smiled Upon Us.
   A New World Is Coming. Changes Across The Spectrum & Borders Of Human Understanding: Politics, Medicine, Science, Astronomy, And Many Other Fields Of Knowledge Will Occur This Year. But....Shall We Use Them For Decimation,.... Or Restoration?
   It's Each Persons Choice In This World, No Matter Race, Heritage, Color, Or Education Level, To Give Their Best effort Every Day As A Member Of The Human Race.
   Looking For Something To Motivate You?
   Pick ONE Of Those To COMMIT To Do To ONE Person Today.
   And Watch How Your Life Begins To Gain More "Color & Love".
   May Your Day Be Filled With The Father's Unexpected Blessings.
   ........<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Update 3 To 2/23 Post..Amazing Things Happening Lately.......

   Well, Have To Make This A Little Quick Again, But With New Insights. In My Last Post, I Alluded To A Chaotic Life Lately. Threats Of Utility Shutoffs, Health Issues, Depression And Oppression From Every Side.
   And Then I Was Reminded Of The Words Of Isaiah 59:19.
   "So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him."
    I Remember A Teaching From Years Ago About This Particular Verse. It Pointed Out A Very Simple Grammatical Error Made When Translating From The Original Hebrew Writings, To Many Of The Versions We Know And Read Today.
   It Changed The Meaning And Impact Of This Verse On My Life Forever. If You Look At The Verse Above, Move The Comma From The Word "flood" Back 3 Words. To The Word 'in'.
   "When the enemy shall come in, LIKE A FLOOD, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him."
   It Was One Of Those "Oh, Wow...I Never Thought About That. What A "Revelation" Of The Depth And Perception Of His Word. Of The Power Of His Majesty.
   A Sudden Flood Washes Away Everything That Is Not Grounded And Solid, Exposing The Precious Things That Have Been Hidden. I Could Really Go Into The Prophetic Signs I've Seen In The News From Around The World, That Has Physically Demonstrated The Lesson I've Been Talking About. We Have An Innate Fear As Humans Of Being 'Out Of Control' Of Our Surroundings And Reality. The Things We Have Everyday Faith In. When That Is Disturbed, We Have The 'Fight Or Flight' Response. We Either Recoil Inside In Fear And Doubt. Or We Look For The Signs Around Us That He Hasn't Left Our Side.
   But Jesus Is Our Friend, And He Always Shines Through The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Chains Of Our Darkness. Suddenly,.... Without Warning.
   Raising Our Spirits Out Of The Muck To Show Us Just How Much He Loves Us.
   Seems To Be A Game Of 'Spiritual Peek-a-Boo' He Plays In Our Live's Sometimes To Show Us He's Still Very Aware Of Us And Our Needs. Or Maybe It's Just The Way He Deals With Me, Not Catching On Quickly Enough. Had a Lot Of Head Injuries Over My Lifetime... No Matter.
   As Long As I Learn His Desired Lesson.
   That Beyond Every Type Of Fear That May Come Against My Spirit, Mind And Body, His Presence Is Always There, Accompanied By That Soft, Gentle Voice Saying "Peek-A-Boo! I Told You I Loved You!".
   I'm Speaking Of What I Had Mentioned In The Last Update. Not Only About Getting An Unexpected Blessing In The Mail, But Less Than 2 Days After That, We Received Another One.
   Even Bigger, From The Same Settlement Case.
   Then, Suddenly My Landlord Decides He's Going To Fix 3 Or 4 Issues In Our Apartment, That Have Been Here For Years.
   A Sudden Beginning To A Landslide Of Blessings?
   And This Is What I Speak Of, When I Say 'Spiritual Peek-A-Boo'.
   In My Walk Over The Past 30+ Years With Jesus, It Seems It's Been A Relationship Much Based On The Father Trying To Convince Me That I Am Possibly Worthy Of His Love.
   That's A Difficult Thing For Me To Admit To The World.
   These Are My Failures And Fears I'm Exposing. Because I'm Human, And My One Desire Is To Live To The Fullest Potential That My Life Can Obtain With The Gifts I Have Been Given.
   I Have To Close This Off, Because I Need To Make Sure My Wife Is Okay, And Figure Out Something For Her To Eat To Keep Her Warfarin/Coumadin Levels Balanced.
   Did I Mention She Has To Have Blood Draws Every 2 Weeks At Home? Not Complaining, Just A Part Of Our Lives Now.
 Oh, By The Way, As Of The 28th Of February, We've Been Married For 29 "Adventure-Filled Years". 'To Death Do We Part' Has A Definite Meaning In Our Lives. If I Have Enough Time, I'll Tell That Story In The Near Future. Be BLESSED, Children Of The Most High.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Update To My Post Of 2/23...How Soon After, Who Knows?

  Okay...Real Quick (Because Wife Is Waiting For Me To Come Back With Hot Coffee From The Kitchen) I Have Been Under The Weather, But Yet Still Praying And Seeking The Father Every Day For Every Need. And He Has Been Faithful Every day. I Just Want To Praise Him For The Way He Comes Through With Small Surprises Every Day.
  On Saturday, I Received What I Thought Was Another Demand From A Creditor. It Turns Out, It's A Small Settlement Check From A Class-Action Lawsuit Against A Corporation. Not Much To Some, But A Sudden Financial Blessing From Nowhere. Just Another Of Those Moments That Jesus Plays Peek-A-Boo With You. Oh, By The Way, Do Good To Others And Share What You Are Blessed With. It Will Always Come Back 100 Times Over. I'll Be Back....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update: I Do Have A Few Things To Speak About That Have Been On My Heart...

  I Will Update More In Detail Soon. My Life Has Been A Little 'Hectik' Lately, And I Haven't Had The Time To Pray And Reflect As Much As I Have Wanted To. But, I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel. The Father Is Always Gracious And Wise With The Things We Are Taught Over Life. He Never Rushes, Though We Wish He Would. But, In His Wisdom, Most Of Us If Not All, Would Implode From The Reasons That We Were Allowed To Learn The Lessons Of Life.
   More To Come. Please Be Patient With Me....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Update To Post Of 12/3/2016. Yes, I Promised.....

  Well, Here Is The Update I Promised, At Least For This Moment Until Another 'Life Crisis' Hits. I'm To The Point Where I'm Ready To Just Laugh Again, Instead Of Crying, In The Face Of Anything Happening Anymore.
  Why? Because, I Have A Father And A Mighty Lord In Heaven, That Have Proved To Me Over These Many Years Now, How Much They Truly Cared For Me. They Have Delivered Me Once Again From Death's Door, Have Provided In The Midst Of Famine, Have Supplied Financial Needs For Every Moment. The List Of Answered Prayers Could Go On, Not Saying That Is Was A 'Spiritual Cakewalk' By Any Means.
  I've Worried, Feared, And Dreaded Those Thoughts That Have Interrupted My Sleep Through Many Long Nights Lately, And Yet His 'Nightlight Of Hope' Always Shines Through The Darkness That Has Tried To Swirl My Mind, Body And Spirit, Into A Vortex Of Unending Despair.
   But, That's Not Meant To Be. For Those Around This Very Small Planet Of Ours, That Have Been Feeling That Same Unease And Hopelessness, Please Allow Me To Be A Beacon Of Hope To Those Of You Seeking, Pointing To Jesus As Your Friend. And Not Your Enemy.
   In These Times Lately, I've Had To Trust Him Beyond What I've Thought My Physical Body, My Emotional/Mental State AND My Seriously Decrepit Spiritual State (At Least In My Own Opinion.), Would Be Able To Perform Or Accomplish. And In Those Most Desperate Of Times, I've Felt/Heard That Soft Comforting Voice Break Through The Darkness And Doubts Surrounding Me, And Assuring Me That, 'Yes, YOU Can Do ALL Things Through Christ, Who Strengthens You.' (Philippians 4:13)
   They Are Ever Available (Personal Customer Service From The C.E.O.'s Themselves.), 24/7/365-366 Days A Year (Never A Wait Time, Button Menus, Waiting For A Language Option, Or 'Accidental Disconnection!), And Will Never Be Impatient, Rude Or Discourteous (Not In Their Nature).
   Try It Just Once And See. Be Honest With Yourself, And Most Importantly, Be Honest With Jesus And The Father. They Are There To Help, Not Hurt. Take It From Someone That Knows...And Has Begun To Scratch The Surface Of The Depths Of His Love And Caring.......<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quick Update, But More To Come.....

  Sorry For The Long Period Between An Update, But Unfortunately I Was In The Hospital Again A Couple Of Weeks Ago. Third Time With A Sudden Attack Of Pancreatitis. But, My Own Fault I'm Sure.
   But Just Wanted To Express My Appreciation AND PRAYERS For Those, Not Only Here In The U.S.A., But Those Around This Small World Of Ours, Besotten With Their Own Cultures & Societies Problems, Who Have Suddenly Pushed My Blog Views Through The Roof, (At Least In My Very Small Expectations, LOL!).
   Very Unexpected For Me, But Not For The Father In Heaven. Although I Don't Even Pretend To Understand Why The Sudden Interest In What I May Have To Say, It Is A Nice Bright Spot In My Life, Which Has Been Very Dark & Heavy Lately. Way Too Many 'Trials & Tribulations', But That Is What Walking With Jesus Is Like.
  Jesus Never Promised Us A 'Rose Garden' In Our Lives After We Come To Meet Him. Only Then Does The Real Battle Begin. To Hold Tightly, To Who & What We Have Trusted In Beyond Sometimes Seeing With Our Natural Eyes. And Yet, In The Darkest Of Those Times, His Light, Overwhelming Love, Mercy And Grace Have Shined Through.
   In Those Moments Of Despair When There Has Been No One Around To Help Or Comfort Me Or Us, His Spirit Pours Through The Darkest Of Nights To Let Me Know, "I Have Not Forgotten You, My Child." And That Is The Promise I Hold Tightly To Every Day Now. More To Come Later, My Brothers & Sisters...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Post Up...Just A Short Praise Report:If It Blesses You & Gives You Hope, Please Share...

  I Do, Unfortunately, Wear Dentures. Almost A Week Ago, I Realized My Bottom Was Missing. Without It, It Makes It Difficult To Eat. As If I've Been Eating Very Much Lately Anyway, LOL! 
  But, The Point Is, We Spent A Week Looking For This Thing. And Then, 3 Nights Ago, I Had A Dream That They Were On The Side Of My Bed. We Had Already Looked There Multiple Times, So I Kind Of Blew It Off. 
   Well, Last Night I'm Laying In Bed, And The Dream Pops Up Again In My Thoughts. Okay...So I LEAN OVER, AND LOOK STRAIGHT DOWN At My Lost Denture! Is Our God Awesome Or What? 
   So, Moral Of The Story: Pay Attention To Those Little Dreams And Visions He Gives You. He Has His Reasons For YOUR Benefit!....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'm A Little Tired Today...

   I'm Finally In Some Counseling, Though. After Almost 5 Years Now, I Finally Broke Down And Went. No Lie.... It Was Hard. Got An Appointment Later This Week.
   Sorry....I Was Just Raised "Old School." You Don't Complain About Life's Difficulties, Except To Jesus. Too Much 'Shut Up And Clam Up.'
   Sorry If I'm Not In A Grand Mood Today, But Just Seems Like I've Had To Be There For More People Lately Than Have Been There For Me. But, That's Cool. This Is The Christian Walk That I've Learned. Sometimes, We Just Have To Pick Up His Cross And Just Keep Moving Forward. Be Encouraged, Because Jesus Will Be There Everyday.          .........<3'n Jesus Always,k.