Saturday, October 28, 2017

I Don't Usually Make 2 Posts In One Day, But I May Have Something To Say.....

  Take A Minute, And Think. (If You Have A Chance Between The E-Mails, Phone Calls And Text Messages That Begin Depending On Your Particular Timezone). The Clock Is Ticking On Mankind. It Will Begin With The Conflict In The Middle East. Boundaries Set Eons Ago Are Being Overtaken By Those Consumed With Greed, Pride And Lust For Things Of Such Little Value. Only The Value A Man Thinks Or Places His Life Upon. And The Lust For That Which He Cannot Have.
   Where Are YOUR True Core Values Today? In A Society That Has Become So Adept At Throwing Away 'Useless' Pieces Of Similar Humanity As Casually As Throwing Away Last Night's Late Night Run Through Your Local 'In And Out'? Does Compassion, Love And Mercy Mean That Little To Us As A 'Fart, Snort And Giggle'?
   Sorry To Be Blunt, But That's What Many People Today Understand. Not That We're Stupid Or Uneducated, But Talk Truth, And Talk It Plain. Every Worldwide Society Today Has Their Own Language For Making The Uncomfortable & Real Somehow, An Early Afternoon Soap Opera That Has No More Use Tomorrow As It's Highlights Of The Next Days Cliffhangers.
   And What If Perhaps The Shoe Was On The Other Proverbial Foot? If Suddenly All You Owned And Possessed As Your Life's Achievements Was Gone In A Flash, Would You Still Be 'Somebody'? Would You Look Up And Be Able To Trust In His Unseen But Loving Presence Like The Thief On The Cross?  #JusAThought  ...<3'n Jesus Always,k. 

Sitting In The Dark, Or Standing In The Light?

Editor's Note: Had To Re-Read This Again. Wrote It Incredibly Fast And Eschewed The Normal Rules For Grammar, Sorry!

  Well, I Have Lights Now. After 1 1/2 Months, Power Is Now On, And The Gas/ Heat Is Next. Much Less The Endless Stream Of Phone Calls From My Wife Of Almost 30 Years Now Come February. Month Of My Birthday, My Son, My Oldest Daughter, My Sister And So Many Other Relatives. Oh, And My Wedding Anniversary..February 28th.
   And With Such A Great And Sentimental Time Coming, My Heart Beats In Expectation Of What Lies Next This Year. What Physical Trial Will I Now Be Subjected To, After Untold Years Of Excellent Health? And Yet, He Is With Me, Closer Than The Breath In My Lungs. What Shall Befall My Wife's Precarious Mental And Physical State? Yet, He Is With Her, Closer Than Her Next Heartbeat. And People Ask "How Do You Still Believe And Trust Our Lives To Someone We've Never Seen Or Talked To Face To Face? Not Really Sure, But He Has Healed Everything We Ever Thought Was Devastating To Our Lives. Guess You Had To Be There. And He Asks Little In Return. Only Follow Him. Pretty Easy Task, No Matter How Complicated The World Wants To Make It. Truth Speaks For Itself Through The Claxxon Sound Of Alarms In Our Daily Lives Today. The Reports Of Injustice And Inhumaity That Fall Upon Silent Mouths And Deaf Ears And Those
Unwilling To Raise A Hand In Protest...Until His Grace And Light Break Through The Darkness And Confusion.......<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Day After, And Jesus Still Reigns As King......

   I've Been Delaying Posting For A Little While Now, Because So Much Has Transpired Prophetically, Naturally And Personally In My Life Over This Last Month. Yes, I've Finally Laid Down My Pride And Admitted That I Have Had A Lot Of Dysfunctional And Apocalyptic Things Happen Lately.
   Our "Safe Little World". Has Shown Us Recently That She, And The Outside Forces In Our Universe Around Us Every Day, Should Give Us A Basic Understanding Of How Insignificant And Minute We Are In The Galaxy. Hurricanes Care Not Where They Land. Earthquakes Choose Not Their Location. Famine Chooses Not It's Victims By Prestige Or Honor Of Men.
   And Then, There's The "Great Sign In The Heavens" Of Revelations Chapter 12, On September 23rd, 2017. This Was Yesterday. Seen In It's Entirety Over Only Israel, It's Meant As A Sign To Them Specifically As A Nation, And Then To The Rest Of The World And Nations.
   As Far As My Research Of Other Christians And Their Thoughts And Beliefs On The Subject Over The Years, The Pieces Have Come Together Like A Puzzle. The First One I Remember Was Scottie Clarke On YouTube.  ( He Pointed Out The Relevance Of How A 2000 Year Old Prophecy Would Suddenly Appear In Our Heavens With Impeccable Precision, Exactly As Described? And Yet, As The Day Approached, It Was Scoffed At And Misinterpreted By The Powerful Opinions Of The Media Voices Around The World. But, We Never Said It Was The End. At Least Most Of Us Wise Enough To At Least Understand A Little Of The Father's Planning. He Loves Us Far Too Much To Not Graciously Warn Us Ahead Of Time About Things That Matter To Our Lives.
   And Yes, The Day Came And Went Without Any Major Worldwide Disasters, Except For The Increase Of Localized Havoc In A Few Places. It's Just That, A Sign To Warn Of What Is Now Ahead. A Beacon Of Light In The Darkness To Guide Us Into The Proper Light And Balance Of Our Behavior. Do We Just Conveniently 'Pin-On' The Name Of Christ? Or Do We Show Who We Are By Our Actions?
   I've Learned Over The Years Now, That When I Am Stuck In Some Of The Most Distressing, Stressful And Mind-Numbing Situations In My Life, Jesus Has Been There To Strengthen Me And Even Reach Out And Minister To Others Whose Heartache May Be Greater Than Mine. But That Seems To Be The 'Key To Life' Walking With Jesus Everyday Now Lately.
   See, I Really Don't Like Bringing Up My Problems To Other People Or Too Prideful To Ask For Help. My Family Comes From Old Stock Raised In The Hills Of North Carolina. 'Deal With It On Your Own'. But Lately, The Lord Has Pointed Out To Me (Again!) That The Body Is Not Compromised Of A Foot Or A Hand On It's Own. It HAS To Work Jointly Together To Strengthen All Parts Of The Body. It's Just The Way It Works, Folks.
   My Life, According To The World's Values, Has Been Devastated. My Loving Spouse Of 29 Years Is Getting The Help She Needs Right Now. My Health Has Taken A Few Major Bumps &  Bruises Now This Year. Before I Was Just Released Last Week Again From The Hospital For My 4th Time With The Same Thing: Early Onset Of Parkinson's, High Blood Pressure, Malnutrition, And Sleep Deprivation. Our Finances Are In Chaos, Lights Off, Gas Off, And Perhaps A Few Days From Going Urban Camping, LOL!
   BUT, You Know What? I Have My Eyes Set Upon Jesus, And I Am Learning How To Rejoice Now More Than Ever, Because He Will Bring Me Through Like He Always Has. He Is My Rock. He Is My Strong Tower. And In Him Will I Trust...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dear Jesus,....

   Would You Please Give Me Peace In The Middle Of These Many Trials? You Know, And Intimately Understand, Every Trial I Go Through. I've Been Beset With Trouble On Every Side Now.   Yet That Doesn't Mean You Are Not Still Lord. In Your Wisdom And Timing, You Will Bring Me Back To A Place Of Joy, Happiness And Prosperity.
  But For Now, I Am In A Confusing Spiral Of Dismal Events. Utilities Off. Habitation At Threat. A Loving Mate With Long Term Health Issues. And Finally, Myself. Alas, My Energy And Mind Begin To Drift Too Often Lately. I Know In My Heart That The Days Grow Short Now. And That Should Be Expected. The Upcoming Event Of 'The Great Sign In The Heavens' On September 23rd Says It All.
  Ask Anyone Lately, How Much More Tense And Out Of Sorts They Have Felt Over The Last Year. Mans Time On Earth Perhaps May Be Winding Down And Growing Shorter Than We Expected.
  So, What Is Our Ultimate Choice? To Despair And Give Up? Or Look To The Heavens, Ask For Mercy, And Reach Out With Compassion To Those Less Fortunate Around Us? I Choose Life Eternal And Joy Unspeakable....#JusSayinWhilePrayin ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Russia...Oh, Russia...How You Are Loved As A Child! Ask, And I Shall Answer...

   I See The Spirit Of The Almighty Blowing Across Your Lands....Awakening A Long-Dormant Spirit Of Freedom. A Freedom That Only The Father Can Place In Your Heart, No Man, Ideology Or Government. A Whisper Has Come. Then, A Sprinkle. Now, The Very Winds Of Change Have Begun To Blow Away Old And Stagnant Things From Your Hearts. New Dreams. New Ideas. New Visions. New Technologies, Shall Arise From The Hearts Of Those Who Have Suffered In Silence And Prayer For So Many Years.
    Respect And Honor Will Be Given To Those Who Have Sought His Heavenly Wisdom, And They Will Now Been Rewarded For Their Patience And Waiting On Him. Though Evil Persists, Yet God Shall Bring Blessing And Favor From Cursing, Because Of His Ultimate Grace.
   I Realize That I Do Have Readers From Russia. But I Also Know That The Love Of God And Jesus Christ Knows No International, Political, Ideological, Or Theological Boundaries. His Love Is What It Is. Unconditional.....
   So Today, Look Up To Him In The Heavens And Simply ASK Him. And As Surely As His Name Stands, He Will Answer....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Message Of Encouragement To Those Artists & Musicians Sold Out For Jesus....

   Take This For What You Will....
This Is Hopefully An Encouragement To Those Musicians Out There Who Have Claimed Jesus As Their Savior.
    I Was Just Praying A Bit Ago, Watching A Few Things And Videos On The Internets....
And I Heard A Sound. A Sound Is Now Coming From Heaven. An Old, But New Form Of Warfare Will Arise From The Ranks Of The Body Of Christ. A Mighty Sound Of Praise.....
   The Lord Is Releasing Warfare Against The enemy That Has Stood Against Many of Us Over The Years. The Time Is Now. Pentecost Has Just Passed. And The Sound Of Praise Shall Begin To Rise. As In The Days Of David, When He Played His Harp and Sang the Songs Of The Lord, And The Torments Of King Saul Ceased. Now... The Harvest Comes Forward.
   In The Days Ahead Shortly, The Father , Son, And His Precious Holy Spirit Will Begin to Pour An Even Stronger Anointing Out, And His Word Shall Be Carried Out In The Lives Of Those Prophetic Musicians That Have Consecrated Their Lives To Him. We Are Now At The Point Of "No Compromise".
   To Those Artists And Musicians Who Seek The Lord's Wisdom Each Day, A New Anointing Will Come Forth From What You Play. You Will Begin To See The Grace And Power Of The Almighty Displayed Even As You Play. Those Who Are On Medications For 'Mental Illnesses', Will Be Delivered From The Demons Of Their Torment. The Sick And Disabled Will Be Healed By The Sound Of The Music Only, Because The Father Will Give His Glory To No Man. Watch Over The Next 30 Days. Creativity, Anointing, Blessings, And Miracles Will Increase. Take Heed To Human Pride And Avoid It Like The Plague. It's The enemies Trap.
    In James 4:10, His Word Says, "Humble Yourselves Before The Lord, And He Will Lift You Up In Honor." Many Have Been Humbled Now Over The Years. It's Time To Arise With Our Faith In Jesus And Watch Him Go Before Us And Defeat Our Enemies. The Breaker Anointing Is Arriving..And His Name Will Be Glorified.   ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pain Will Come....But Healing Comes On Wings Of Peace.....

   My Heart Burns Over This Post....I Hear the Sounds Of War Arising. Not Only Physical, But Most Importantly, The Supernatural Wars Raging Around Us. Our Peace, the Most Valuable Commodity Given By His Holy Spirit, Is Being Stolen Piece By Piece, When We Linger Upon The Thoughts And Concerns Of This World....Which Fades So Quickly Away Nowadays....Look To Him. ...Alone.
   This World Is Going To Disappoint You, Brothers And Sisters. Those You've Trusted All Your Lives, May Sudden;y Turn. Fathers Against Mothers. Sisters Against Brothers.
   Shall You Stand On the Side Of Righteousness And Grace? Or The Side Of Condemnation And Conviction? It's A Simple And Complex Choice: Give Up Condemning Others And Accept Our Own Failures, In The Light Of His Restorative Love. And Then....Let's Move On Bro's! Life Is Getting Really Short, Kids. Shall We Move Forward Or Cruise Backwards? Me? I'm Ready To Step Into 'Overdrive' With His Spirit And Claim All He Has Given To Me. I Want To Pray Over The Sick, Blind, Disabled, Feeble, Or Whatever....And Watch The Power And Holiness Of My Father Descend Upon Them And Restore Them.
   I Want To Be ALLL I Can Be For Him. and That's The Truth My Brother's.....
      ........,,<3'n Jesus Always,k.

I Saw the 'Countries' Of Germany.....

   You Shall Arise, 'Oh, Ye Of The Ancient Countries.' The Heart Of Flame That Was Embedded In Your Lives From The Start, Will Become Alive Once Again. God Is Doing A New Thing. The Winds Of Old Shall Arise....Boldness Of Spirit Shall Take Flight. And The Sound Of Freedom Will Ring In The Air.You Shall Fearlessly Pursue The King Of Kings For Understanding And Revelation Of What You Have Heard And Dreamed Of. Freedom Of Spirit Is The Word You Seek. Shall Not The Father Give Beautiful Gifts To His Children? NOW Is The Time To Step Forward In His Gifts And Strength And Call The enemy's Power, And Hold Over You, Into Question. Who ARE YOU?  ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

New And Sudden Changes Are In The Air.......

    I'll Be Honest.
  I'm Probably Not In The Greatest Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional And Financial Place In My Life Right Now. I Have Spent The Last 14+ Days With Very, VERY Little Sleep, Very Little Food, Untold Mountains Of Stress, Despair, And Sorrow. So, pleasE bear With Me Then, ...If i pErhaps Tend toO  Raambelll.....zzzzzZZZzzzzz.......
   (Stupid, I Know. But, Hey....Get Your Laughs Where You Can!)

   I'm A 'Keeper Of Secrets',.... So To Speak. My Heart's Focus These Days Is On My Father And His Particular Will For My Life Each Day. I Have Been Barraged With Sickness, Mental Illness, Untold Financial Distress And Physical Problems, But I'm Not Trying To Lift Myself Up In Any Way.
I Have Experienced A Lot Of Life-Altering Issues Over The (CENSORED) Years I've Been Allowed To Grace This Tiny, Yet, Mysteriously Beautiful Planet Called Earth. I've Watched The Father Do Miracle After Miracle In My Life Over The Years.
 On A Side Note: I'm An Internet Information Junkie. I Relate Many Things And Events Nowadays To The Prophetic Implications From The Bible. Just My Thing Over The Last 30+ Years...Sorry.
   Realistically: I Am Not Only Awed And Dumbstruck By The Signs Lately Around The World That Have Echoed the Very Words Of Jesus Christ 2000 Years Ago. They Are Occuring In The Daily Headlines EACH Day Now. Well, It Is What It Is, My Friends.
   You Know What? I'm Taking A Break Here. I Have So Much Info Running Through My Brain And Heart, I Need To Put It Into A Logical And Understandable Order. I Do NOT Want To Be Complacent In My Message. Jesus Will Be The ONLY Answer In The Days Now Ahead. Choose Or Lose. Please....Get A Clue. Stop For A Minute And Reflect. WHERE Is YOUR Life Headed? Will Your Legacy Be Esteemed Or Disparaged? The Choice Shall Be Ultimately Ours In Jesus. To Him Be The Glory Always.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Life Is A Little Complicated Right Now......

     As Of Lately, Every Area Of My Life Has Been Hit With Negative Impacts And Reports Of Failure And Doom. With All This Coming At Me Lately, I'm Feeling A Little Abandoned At Times. Even By My Own Family Members. And Every Once In A While, By The One Who Gave His Life For Me.
   Sure, Life Can Feel Dark Sometimes. So Much Going On Around Our Little Blue Marble. Because Each Day Brings New Stories Worldwide About Tragedy, Destruction, And Hatred That Spawns Unspeakable Atrocities.
   And Yet We Still Think We Are Daily Following His Admonition To "Forgive Your Brother Not 7 Times Each Day, But 70 x 7.
   That's 490 Times A Day. Now That Statement... If We Are Truly Following After Jesus With All Our Hearts, Means No Matter How Many Times Your Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Spouse, Friend Etc. Offends You, We Are Required To Forgive.
  Why? Because If You Claim Christ As Your Savior, Then He Paid A Price Immeasurable To Our Little Pious "Forgive & Forget" Attitudes. It's Our Required Duty As A Child Of The Most High.
   And Though My Life Has Been Turned Upside Down Right Now, My Eyes Are Staying Upon Him. He Has Delivered Me From Far Too Much To Turn Back Now. Yes, I May Stumble. I May Fall. But He Will Pick Me Up And Help Me Continue To Put One Step In Front Of The Other. Every Day In Every Way.
   One Thing I Know, Is That He PROMISED To Never Leave Me Or Forsake Me. No Matter What Happens In My Personal World, Or The Great Big World Around Me and Mine. And He Has Done Neither Yet.   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There Are No Words.....

   This Post Should Speak For Itself. I Don't Need To Add My Current Thoughts Or Situation.
 .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

"Make it easier for Jesus to come back this next year, by living the life He asked you to live. So that others might not have to make excuses for why Christians don't live the way He asked them to."              ---Keith Green, Estes Park-1978 
 ...<3'n Jesus Always,k

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One More Day..Of Him Stepping Beyond The Veil.......

   When I Started This Blog, I Mentioned That Each Day Of Our Lives, Involve Taking Them ONE DAY At A Time In Our Walk With With Jesus. Our Advancement And Progression Seems To Depend On Your Own Personal Relationship, And The Level Of That Relationship. And If I Didn't, Then I Need To Now. To The Body Of Christ As A Whole.
   Look.....I'm Not, And Don't Even Presume To Be Any Sort Of Prophet, Seer, Teacher, Pastor, Bishop, Or ANYWHERE Near Being Even Any Sort Of 'Disciple' Of Jesus Christ. I'm Just Trying To 'Muck/Slog/Walk/March It Out, Like Any Other Christian who Truly Proclaims Jesus Christ As Lord, Master And Savior. Especially In This Broken, Screwed Up, Dysfunctional, And 'COMING SOON!', Apocalyptic World We Now Reside In.
   We, As A Human Race Occupy. We Take Over, Use, Abuse, & Misuse All We Have Been Blessed With. We Seek The Things That Flow Like Water Through Our Cupped Hands Of Greed, Covetousness And Pride.
   Oh, I'm Not Just Out Throwing 'Flaming Arrows Of Judgement' At Anyone In Particular. I Find Myself,The More Palatable Target In My Own Mind, Ethics And Current Emotional State. There Are Too Many Unknowns Each Day. Things That Destroy Our Values. Things That destroy Our Bodies. And The Things That Attempt To Destroy Our Spirit.
   And Yet, Because Of The One Who Called Me Years Ago, I Just So Happen To Be Reasonably Alive. HE Takes Care Of TODAY's Needs For My Disabled Wife, And My Son, Who At Age 23, Contracted And Survived Stage 4 Cancer. By The Grace And Favor Of He Who Has Laid Down His Life For Me And Mine. He ALWAYS Comes Through For Us Somehow.
   Yes. Jesus. 'Yeshua Hamaschiah', The Christ. The Messiah. THE Son Of David, The Great IAM, The Word Made Flesh.
The One Whose FACE Shines With Purity & A Holiness Like The Brightest, Burning Magnesium You Have Ever Seen.
Like Watching Someone Arc Weld 2 Metals Together.....
Like Staring At The Sun Head-On For Hours On End...
   Whatsoever Occurs Day To Day In Our Petty, Limited,Closed-In Minds. He Alone, Is The Only One Who Has Redeemed Me To Live Out a Life Of Glory That Can Only Belong To Him.
   He Alone, Has Earned It And Paid A Price None Of Us Could Ever Pay. He's Earned Our Praise And Glory....#JusSayinWhilePrayin....<3'n Jesus Always,k.