Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quick Update, But More To Come.....

  Sorry For The Long Period Between An Update, But Unfortunately I Was In The Hospital Again A Couple Of Weeks Ago. Third Time With A Sudden Attack Of Pancreatitis. But, My Own Fault I'm Sure.
   But Just Wanted To Express My Appreciation AND PRAYERS For Those, Not Only Here In The U.S.A., But Those Around This Small World Of Ours, Besotten With Their Own Cultures & Societies Problems, Who Have Suddenly Pushed My Blog Views Through The Roof, (At Least In My Very Small Expectations, LOL!).
   Very Unexpected For Me, But Not For The Father In Heaven. Although I Don't Even Pretend To Understand Why The Sudden Interest In What I May Have To Say, It Is A Nice Bright Spot In My Life, Which Has Been Very Dark & Heavy Lately. Way Too Many 'Trials & Tribulations', But That Is What Walking With Jesus Is Like.
  Jesus Never Promised Us A 'Rose Garden' In Our Lives After We Come To Meet Him. Only Then Does The Real Battle Begin. To Hold Tightly, To Who & What We Have Trusted In Beyond Sometimes Seeing With Our Natural Eyes. And Yet, In The Darkest Of Those Times, His Light, Overwhelming Love, Mercy And Grace Have Shined Through.
   In Those Moments Of Despair When There Has Been No One Around To Help Or Comfort Me Or Us, His Spirit Pours Through The Darkest Of Nights To Let Me Know, "I Have Not Forgotten You, My Child." And That Is The Promise I Hold Tightly To Every Day Now. More To Come Later, My Brothers & Sisters...<3'n Jesus Always,k.