Sunday, December 11, 2016

Update To Post Of 12/3/2016. Yes, I Promised.....

  Well, Here Is The Update I Promised, At Least For This Moment Until Another 'Life Crisis' Hits. I'm To The Point Where I'm Ready To Just Laugh Again, Instead Of Crying, In The Face Of Anything Happening Anymore.
  Why? Because, I Have A Father And A Mighty Lord In Heaven, That Have Proved To Me Over These Many Years Now, How Much They Truly Cared For Me. They Have Delivered Me Once Again From Death's Door, Have Provided In The Midst Of Famine, Have Supplied Financial Needs For Every Moment. The List Of Answered Prayers Could Go On, Not Saying That Is Was A 'Spiritual Cakewalk' By Any Means.
  I've Worried, Feared, And Dreaded Those Thoughts That Have Interrupted My Sleep Through Many Long Nights Lately, And Yet His 'Nightlight Of Hope' Always Shines Through The Darkness That Has Tried To Swirl My Mind, Body And Spirit, Into A Vortex Of Unending Despair.
   But, That's Not Meant To Be. For Those Around This Very Small Planet Of Ours, That Have Been Feeling That Same Unease And Hopelessness, Please Allow Me To Be A Beacon Of Hope To Those Of You Seeking, Pointing To Jesus As Your Friend. And Not Your Enemy.
   In These Times Lately, I've Had To Trust Him Beyond What I've Thought My Physical Body, My Emotional/Mental State AND My Seriously Decrepit Spiritual State (At Least In My Own Opinion.), Would Be Able To Perform Or Accomplish. And In Those Most Desperate Of Times, I've Felt/Heard That Soft Comforting Voice Break Through The Darkness And Doubts Surrounding Me, And Assuring Me That, 'Yes, YOU Can Do ALL Things Through Christ, Who Strengthens You.' (Philippians 4:13)
   They Are Ever Available (Personal Customer Service From The C.E.O.'s Themselves.), 24/7/365-366 Days A Year (Never A Wait Time, Button Menus, Waiting For A Language Option, Or 'Accidental Disconnection!), And Will Never Be Impatient, Rude Or Discourteous (Not In Their Nature).
   Try It Just Once And See. Be Honest With Yourself, And Most Importantly, Be Honest With Jesus And The Father. They Are There To Help, Not Hurt. Take It From Someone That Knows...And Has Begun To Scratch The Surface Of The Depths Of His Love And Caring.......<3'n Jesus Always,k.