Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Post Up...Just A Short Praise Report:If It Blesses You & Gives You Hope, Please Share...

  I Do, Unfortunately, Wear Dentures. Almost A Week Ago, I Realized My Bottom Was Missing. Without It, It Makes It Difficult To Eat. As If I've Been Eating Very Much Lately Anyway, LOL! 
  But, The Point Is, We Spent A Week Looking For This Thing. And Then, 3 Nights Ago, I Had A Dream That They Were On The Side Of My Bed. We Had Already Looked There Multiple Times, So I Kind Of Blew It Off. 
   Well, Last Night I'm Laying In Bed, And The Dream Pops Up Again In My Thoughts. Okay...So I LEAN OVER, AND LOOK STRAIGHT DOWN At My Lost Denture! Is Our God Awesome Or What? 
   So, Moral Of The Story: Pay Attention To Those Little Dreams And Visions He Gives You. He Has His Reasons For YOUR Benefit!....<3'n Jesus Always,k.