Thursday, June 9, 2016

Okay, Here We Go. I'm Inspired At The Moment By Things I've Seen Recently...

   Well, I Know I Have Been Absent Lately. But, Unfortunately, We've Been Going Through A Lot Of Things. Some Have Been Natural. Others...Well, Unnatural. Sicknesses, Depression, And A General Feeling Of Malaise And Fatigue.

   But, Given The Fact That The Human Condition, When Presented With Perhaps, Overwhelming Life Odds, Will Resort To Either Prayer Or Despair. My Thoughts Are Leaning Towards Prayer, Only Because I Have Witnessed The Outcomes Of Both. Yes, Times Are Very Hard For Many, Ourselves Included. If My Master Expected Me To Lay It All Down, Pick Up My Cross, And Then Follow Him, That Is What I Will Attempt To Do With The Strength He Allows Me Each Day I Wake.

   See, Many Of Us Don't Always Appreciate The Simple Things In Life That You And I Get Up To Each Day.
The Glorious Ability To Open Your Eyes And See.
To Wake Up And Be Able To Stand Up Out Of Bed And Stretch.
To Open Your Eyes And Not Feel Wracking Pain.
To Open....Your...Eyes, And Not Have To Fear Until They Close Once Again, In To Peaceful And Pain-Free Slumber.

   I Was Walking Home From The Store Earlier This Afternoon, Enjoying The Warmth Of The Day And Praising God For Such A Beautiful Day. Gorgeous & Brilliant Sunshine, Cascading Like A Waterfall Of Light, Around Every Living Thing I Passed. And As I Looked Around, Taking In The Majesty, Scope, And Intricacy Of The Flowers, Bushes, Trees...Even Weeds. and Then As I Slowed My Pace To Take It In, I Heard The Still, Small, Yet Powerfully Sweeping, Whisper Of His Voice Inside:
    "Look Around You, Child. All These Things...Made Lovingly, Creatively, And Thoughtfully By My Hand. Nothing You See Has Not Come From My Very Heart And Thoughts Of And For You. Be Aware, My Love. As These Very Same Flowers, Trees, And Bushes Depend Upon Me Each Day For Their Sustenance, So Do You. I Have NEVER Left You. NEVER Forsaken You In Your Darkest Of Times. Do You Not Still Breathe, Love, Move And Have Feeling? Yes, Darkness Has Attempted To Cover Your Body, Soul, And Spirit In Many Different Ways, Yet Still, You Rise Victorious. Why? Because I Love You And Always Have. Hold Tightly To What Remains, And What I Have Showed All Of You. You Will Not Be Disappointed, My Love."

   Take It For What You Will.

This Really Made My Day. No Matter What The World Will Throw At Us For Our Beliefs, HE Will Make SURE We Survive.
   #JusSayinWhilePrayin ..My Beloved. Eye's To The Skies.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.
P.S. To My Brothers & Sisters Overseas....You Are Remembered.