Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lately, Why Do I Feel So Isolated? I Feel So Alone....

   It's A Strange Feeling Living With Others, And Yet, Feeling Quite Alone At Times.

   Family, Friends, Neighbors, And Acquaintances All Around Me. And Yet Feeling So Separate At Times....Cocooned. Not That We Don't Interact With And Love One Another. Just Seems To Have Been An Unusual Season Lately. Reflective...
  I've Been Dealing With Health Issues Again That Have Tried To Wear Me Down.  But I've Tried To Look At It From The Spiritual Point Of View: If My Faith Is Being Tested This Much, I Hope I'm Passing. And, Hopefully, I'm Doing Something Right.
   Perhaps That's What I Mean By 'Cocooned'. Much Of The Time, I've Felt Like A Complete Failure On The Inside, Wrapped Up In A World Of Self-Defeat At Times. Not Believing In Myself But Realizing Later That The Father Believed In Me.
   With All The Events Now Transpiring Around The World, I Think I'm Going To Just Keep My Eyes On Him. I May Have Failed Myself At Times, But He Has Never Failed Me. Gotta Lay Down Now....<3'n Jesus Always,k.