Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Have Begun To Learn To Rest.....

   Because The Past 6 Months Have Been A Little More Than Calamitous (sp?). Our Faith Has Been Tested, Tried, Run Over, Trampled, Maligned, Ridiculed, And Generally Mocked. But, We Still Hang On. Why? Because After All We've Been Through Over 28 Years, Well...This Should Have Been A Proverbial "Walk In The Park" Faith-Wise.
   But, The Sad Fact Of The Matter Is, We're ALL Flesh & Blood. We Make Mistakes. And Hopefully, We Learn To Grow From Them. We're Human. We Feel Pain. We Feel Sadness. And Many Times, We Feel SOOO Very Alone In This MASSIVE Universe We Spin Around In. Like Carom Balls On A Table. Or Perhaps, In The Months To Come...Like A Pinball Arcade Machine. Well, Perhaps You Get The Picture.
   As Each Second Of Each Day Ticks By Off Of Our Biological Lifespans. And We Wait, And Wonder, How Much Life Shall We Will Be Allowed To Fulfill? Will The Growth We Have Made, Through The Dreams & Experiences Of Youth And Wisdom, Be Fulfilled? Will The Dreams The Holy Spirit Set Aflame In Our Hearts...Be Made Manifest In Our Lives Finally?
   But, Now....I Rest. My Wife & I Have Begun To Learn Once Again, To Trust The Father With Our Daily Live's And Our Very Existence. To Learn To 'Rest In Him.' Who Knows The Span Of Our Days Now Better Than Jesus And The Father? Not Our Doctors, Surgeons, Or Specialists Over The Many Years Of Life-Threatening Injuries, Illnesses, Accidents, Surgeries, Chemo, Rehab, Etc.,...That's For Sure. Nor Any Of My Wife's, Son's, Or Daughters Many M.D.'S, P.H.D.'s, Specialists Or Whatnot. Not To Degrade Their Abilities Or Qualifications, But The Real Answers Came From The Father Above, In Whom All Wisdom Flows.
   So, Now....Although Hell May Erupt Around Us And Smoke Arise, My Lord, His Presence And His Almighty One's Will Be With Us In The Middle Of Every Fire......<3'n Jesus Always,k.