Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Just Want To Speak A Blessing Over You On This Father's Day.....

   It's A Beautiful, Sunny, No Clouds Or Chem-Trails (Yet), And 85 Degrees Here In Buffalo, New York On Father's Day. Although I Have Already Received A Few "Happy Father's Day"'s From Some Of My Friends And Children, It's Still A Little Bit Bittersweet To My Wife And I.
   See, She Lost Her Earthly Father A Few Months Ago, And The Pain Is Still Fresh. Especially On A Day Like Today. It Becomes Hard To Hear When You Can't Call Your Own. Me? Well, My Earthly Father Passed Away In 2007. The Last Time I Was With My Father, He Was Only 3 Days From Going "Home".
   I Had No Idea At The Time I Boarded The Plane For Home The Next Day, That I Would Have To Turn Around, Come Back And Deliver His Eulogy Within 2 Days. I Was Shocked And My World Almost Crumbled. But Then, I Remembered Something He Had Said The Night Before I Left....
   We Were In His Bedroom, Watching The News Together. I Was Sitting At The End Of His King Size Bed And He Was Tucked Up Under The Covers. His 6' 4", 285 lb. "Mr. Universe" Frame, Reduced And Ravaged Now By A Disease He Should Have Never Had.
   My Father Was An 'Old School' Military Man. He'd Seen Vietnam, Korea, And Risen Through The Ranks To Full Colonel. He Never Said Much Unless It Was Important. But As I Sat There With Him, He Suddenly Spoke Up With That Same Authoritative Voice That Had Made Many A Man Snap To Attention.
  Obviously I Snapped Around And Looked Into Those Steel Gray/Blue Eyes Of His, And Asked Him What He Needed.
   "Nothing.", He Said. "I Want To Say Something To You. I Want You To Know That You And Your Sister Will Be Well Taken Care Of."
  And That Was It. That's All He Said And Went Back To Watching The News. I Didn't Think About It Too Much At The Time, But As The Years Have Passed By, I've Perhaps Realized The Prophetic Implications Of What He Said Before He Passed.
   Throughout The Old Testament Are Stories Of Fathers Passing On Their Blessing To Their Children While Laying On Their Final Beds. Moses, Issac, Jacob....And It Never Occurred To Me At The Time That Perhaps That's What He Was Doing. And Now That I Have Had The Time To Mull It Over, It Was Perhaps The Lord's Way Of Quelling Any Of My Fears For The Future. The Words Even Now Ring Brightly In My Heart, As Though My Father Was Speaking It Out.
   Not To Say That Things Have Been Wonderful, Fantastic And Prosperous. Quite The Opposite. Some Of The Most Insane Times Of My Life Since Then: Sickness, Depression, Poverty, Grief, And On. BUT, What I Have Gained Now Over These Years Is A Resilience. A Faith That Flickers And Weakens Sometimes, Yet NEVER Goes Out. And Hopefully Some Wisdom.
   But As My Father Said, "You Will Be Well Taken Care Of." My Faith Has Kept Me Well Taken Care Of Over These Years. Jesus Has Held True And Never Failed Me. So, What I Want To Do Is Speak A Blessing Of Peace, Prosperity Through God's Grace, And The Ultimate Blessing, Far Above Riches Or Fame: The Blessing Of Godly Wisdom, Over Every Eye And Life That Reads This Father's Day Post.
   Father, In The Name Of Your Son Jesus Christ, I Speak To And Break Every Bondage Over Every Life That Reads This. I Speak Your Blessing Of Wisdom Above All Else Over Their Lives, That Their Lives Would Be Preserved And Fruitful. And That They Will Come Into The Full Understanding And Knowledge Of Your Kingdom To Come.
   Happy Father's Day.......<3'n Jesus Always,k.