Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sorry For The Negativity Lately, But Distressed Over What I've Seen, And Yet Hope Remains........

  Talked With A Neighbor Earlier Tonight. 'Sigh'.... She Has Been Through So Many Trials Lately. From Just The Physical Aches & Pains That Come Inevitably With Age & Gravity, She Has Been Wounded Over The Years; Spirit, Soul And Body. The Pain Of Time And Hurt Etched In Her Face, Beyond The Smile She Gives You. And Know What? She's A Nurse. A Caretaker. Taking Care Of Others, While She Suffers Silently.
   Yet, Within Her Eyes, The Light Of The Father Always Shines. I Don't Like To Be In Pain Anymore Either. I Think I've Finally Gotten Beyond My Testosterone-Fueled Days Of  "Eat The Pain. It Makes You Stronger." Now, I Just Want To Roll Out Of Bed Without Something Hurting When I Wake Up Each Day Now. But The Father Grants Us Every Moment We Are Allowed To Draw A Breath, I Have Finally Realized.
   Each Moment He Allows You To Draw A Breath, Is A Moment You Can Make A Difference In The World.....For Good Or Bad.  #JusSayinWhilePrayin....<3'n Jesus Always,k.