Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Come On. Like "Pat Benatar" Says, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot...."....

   It's March 9th.  In This Last 30 Days, I Have Suffered Losses That Have Stretched Years Apart In Time And Historical References. A Wonderfully Loving Neighbor, Who Had Been Here Almost 80 Years..... A Loving And Accepting Father-In-Law Who Loved Me Like His Own Son. And So Many Others Lately That Were A Font Of Wisdom To Me In Earlier Days.
   We All Lose Those We Love And Have Cared For Over The Years. To Lose Them Is A Griveious Offense To Our Mortal Nature And Understanding.. We Dream Of Them In Our Lives, But Though Gone Physically,They Live Forever In Our Memories.
   My Father Didn't Die To Me. My Grandfather Left Precious Memories. My Grandmother Taught Me Things I'll Never Forget, Things Most People Don't Understand Today.
   The Concept Of Hard Work Produces Results, Sorry To Say. In A World That Wants "Instant Mashed Potatoes" For A Substitute In Life. Unfortunately, Life Isn't Like That. Life Takes It's Own Turns And Twists. All Guided By His Wisdom.
    Yes, The Road Can Be Hard, But Yet, Each Permanent Loss We Suffer Teaches Us To Continue On Past Every Roadblock In Our Lives, Because It Gives Us A Strength We Never Imagined.
   If I Thought Back Over The Years To Each Life Crisis I Have Ever Suffered Through, Somehow, He Has Been There In The Middle Of My Deepest Pain. And Somehow, He Brought Me Through It.
   This Is His Legacy. This Is His Eternal Memorial To Us As A People. He Laid Down An Innocent Life To PROTECT Us From What Was To Come. How Can That Be A Liability To Us To Only Believe? #JusSayinWhilePrayin   ......<3'n Jesus Always & Forever,k.