Saturday, March 5, 2016

Funny...My Heart's Gettin' Tired, But I'm Going To 'Chive' On, For Those That Have Gone Before....

   You Know, .....I'm Sorry, But Nothing Irritates Me More Now-A-Days, Than Walking To The Store, Watching Teens  Or 20-Someone's Complaining About, 'I Ain't Got No Signal!', To, 'This Sh*t Sucks!" You Know, 25 Years Ago, We Probably Would Have Killed & Massacred Everyone Around Us For This Technology You Guys Take For Granted Today. 
   I Mean, Bro's And Sis's, Not 'Dissin You, But HUMAN INTERACTION Feeds A Need WITHIN You. That Has Been Placed There Specifically By The Father. If We Could Put Each One Of Our Rear-ends In A Seat That Could Transport Us Back, Say...Just 100 Years, ....What Technology Has Been 'Lost And, (In 'Grains Of Salt' Of Our Time....), Found Once Again? And The Outcome? More 'Connectivity' To The Wealth Of Knowledge Available? Of Understanding The Depth Of Human Interaction And Love?  To Further An Advancement Of A Glorious Race Of People That Was Specifically Designed By The Father To Be Like Him, The Son, And The Holy Spirit? To Glorify The Works Of The Father? 
   No. We Designed Better. More Efficient. More Lethal. More Merciless, More Ethical, More P.C. Correct.. Ways Of Trying To Protect What We Thought Was 'Ours', Instead Of Really 'HIS, AND HIS ALONE.". Any Soldier That Has Looked Down The Sight Of A Gun Knows That Fleeting Feeling Of, "OMG, I'm About To Take Away A Lifetime Of Memories And Experiences In A Single Moment." And Then,.... It's Gone. You Obey. You Do What You Were Told To Do. You Believe What You Were Told To Believe. But, Sometimes.....You Realize.....Maybe,It Was Perhaps Wrong.   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.