Wednesday, March 2, 2016

For Valentine's Day....Because Word's Fail To Say................

   Rose's Are Red,
   Violet's Are Blue.
   Yet, Nothing Will Say,
   How Much I Love You.

   Daisy's Are Yellow,
   Carnation's Are Pink.
   At Least They Smell Good,
   Because I Seem To Stink.

   Tulip's Can Be Yellow.
   So Can Buttercup's,
   But As Of Recently,
   My Attitude Sucks.

   Iris's Are Purple,
   And Lily's Are White.
   The Sin Is On Me,
   That I Started A Fight.

   Lavender Is Purple.
   And Lotus's Amaze.
   I'm So Sorry, My Love,
   For The Way I've Behaved.

   Poppy's Are Red,
   Bright Orange, Or Pink.
   The Emotion's I Feel,
   Are An Excuse,  I Think.

   Hydrangea's Are Pink,
   Deep Purple, And Blue.
   But What Would I Do,
   With My Life Without You?

   Morning Glory's Are Pink,
   Striped And Dark Blue.
   Excuses Are Like "Lay's",
   Because Just One Won't Do.
   Magnolia's Are Yellow,
   Pink, And Bright White.
   But I'm Asking The Master,
   To Make Things Just Right.

   Columbine's Are Intense,
   And Dahlia's Can Be Black.
   But All I Desire,
   Is Our Relationship Back.

   Jasmine Can Be White,
   Color-Splashed Or Even Blue.
   But None Of These Will Ever Mean,
   Quite As Much As You.

   Gladiola's Can Be White,
   Pink, Red, Or Blue.
   But Life Has No Colors,
   If I'm Not With You.

   Colors So Beautiful.
   Smells Far Unique.
   Flower's Are Symbol's
   Of God's Mercy, I Think.
   Coming On Suddenly,
   Growing Faster Than We Think.
   Yet His Mercies Bloom Quickly,
   Hiding Our Sin & Our Stink.

   Sins We Commit Today,
   If Repented Of, And True,
   Once Forgiveness Is Asked,
   Are Stricken From His View.

   His Forgiveness Blooms Ever Daily,
   Like The Flowers, It;s True.
   But, The Bulbs Stay Forever,
   Like His Promises, To Me & You.

   So, This Is My Poem.
   This Is My Heart.
   I Give It To You,
   To Keep Or Rip Apart.

   What Will You Do?
   What Will You Say?
   When You Read This Poem,
   I've Written Today?

   Love And Forgive Me?
   Target Me With Scorn?
   Understanding Your Hurt.
   Dealt With It From The Day I Was Born.

   'New Kid' On The Block',
   Every Few Years.
   The Masks That I Wore,
   Always Reflected The Fears.

   The Scars Still Remain,
   A Vivid Reminder Of Past Pain.
   Once Thought Removed,
   Only To Remain.

   But Now Grown Older,
   I've Grown Much Bolder.
   My Convictions Revealing Themselves Day By Day,
   Sometimes Through Very 'Coincidental' Ways.

   One Thing I Know,
   After My 56 Years,
   Jesus Has Wiped Away
   All Of My Tears.....

   .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.    

   Edit: Sorry For Posting This Late. Many Life-Changing Events Have Occurred, Some Happy. some Sad, And Yet, We March On...<3'n Jesus Always,k.