Monday, December 28, 2015

Eyes & Hearts Wide Open, Because A New Year Begins....And A New Season Of Miracles.....

   Not Sure If This Will Be My 'End Of The Year' Post Or Not Yet. Need To Keep Praying And Seeking The Father About This New Year. But A Few Things I Know Already. It's Been A Very Trying Year For Many Of Us: Sickness, Family & Friend Losses, Illnesses, Financial Strains, Emotional Storms, And Almost Everything But The Kitchen Sink Thrown At Us. Wait, Maybe The "Proverbial Spiritual Kitchen Sink". But, Then Again, Things May Have Looked Rather Bleak At Times. Not As Bad As They Perhaps Could Have Been, Yet My Father And My Lord Jesus Have Always Seemed To Come Through Now, Even Up Until The Very Last Moment At Times. But, That's Just How He Is. He Stretches Our Faith Up To The Very Last Thread Of Faith We Have Left.
   This Is The Christian Life. A Series Of Unbelievable Mountaintops And Deep Valleys. And Yet, His Light Continues To Shine On. Through Every Teardrop. Through Every Heartbreak. Through Every Misstep Of Our Own. And Also Through Every Unbelievable Victory. Every Overcoming Of Some Sin, Or Weakness In Our Life Or Spiritual Failure Is A New Step To Those Mountaintops Again, Where The Air Is Clear, The Sun Is Bright, And Your Heart And Spirit Soar With Victory. 
   In Habakkuk 3:18 AND 19, It Says, " Yet Will I Exult In The Lord, I Will Rejoice In The God Of My Salvation. The Lord God Is My Strength, And He Will Make My Feet Like Hind's Feet, And He Will Make Me Walk Upon My High Places. To The Chief Singer On My Instruments."
   I Love How That Ends With The Sound Of Praise And Rejoicing With A Mighty Voice. At Times, While In Some Deep Prayer And Pouring My Heart Out To The Father; Every Failure Of My Own, Every Grasped, And Held.. Hurt Or Remark Spoken In The Spur Of The Moment, And Yet, Like A Soaring Wind Out Of The South, I See Glimpses Before My Eye's, 'Second Sight', Whatever They Want To Label It. But I Have Seen, 1000's Upon 10's Of Thousands....Singing With Full Voice And Spirit Before His Throne. The Glory, The Majesty Is Something To Behold. Like The Brightest Arc Light Or Magnesium Light You Could Ever Imagine. There Are No Words To Describe The Sight And Feeling, So Undeservedly, That Even You...May Be Justified, Glorified, And Magnified. Because You Choose Humility. In Whatever Form That May Have Taken Place. 
   21016. What I See Right Now: a New Year Of Unbelievable Acts Of Love And Grace, That Will Be Photographed, Recorded, And Played Across The Internet For Millions To See And Inspire. Lives Will Be Changed This Year For Better, Hope Isn't Lost. It's Just Been Delayed. For Quite Awhile Now It Seems. Boy, Has It Been Delayed. But The Father Always Has A Good Reason For Doing So. His Wisdom Is Without Compare.
   I've Thought About So Many Times In The Past, When I/We Have Been In Insurmountable Positions, And How Suddenly, Like A Ray Of Sunshine Breaking Through Deep, And Dark Clouds, He Has Suddenly Shined Through Into Our Lives With Unbelievable Blessings. Like The Night The Dr. Called When My Wife Was In I.C.U. For A Few Nights With Breathing And Heart Issues. I Still Have His Message Saved From That Night On My Answering Machine. To Remind Me Of The Great Things He Has Done, And How He Always Comes Through At The Last Minute.
   I Remember The Night She Turned Blue On Me.....Thank God I Had Taken A Class In CPR At One Of The Places I Had Worked In The Past. One Of The Most Frightening Times Of My Life. There Is No Feeling Comparable To Watching Your Mate Of 25+ Years Struggling For Breath, Turning Slowly Blue Due To Oxygen Loss,....And Then Watching As The Light Slowly Dims In Their Eyes, Like A Flashlight Slowly Losing It's Battery Power. No Greater Feeling Of Helplessness Have I Ever Found. And I've Been In A Few Very Difficult Situations. Hanging, Then Falling Off Cliffs, 3rd Degree Burns, Car Wrecks, C.C.U., Deadly Pancreatitis (2x), I.C.U., E.R's, Bacterial Infections, And Countless Doctors Offices And Clinics Over The Years.
   And Yet, I Still Live. My Wife STILL Lives. And We Survive. Why? Because Of Some Self-Determined 'Struggle For Life'?  No. Because HE Willed It. My Wife Just Turned 60. In Less Than A Month And A Half, I Turn 56. And We Feel As If We Have Lived A 1000 Lifetimes. But The Main Point Here Is That He HAS Kept Us. No Matter What. Who Else Has A Record Of 100% Survivability By The Hand Of The Father Alone? Speak Up, If You Have A Story To Tell. I Would Welcome It In The Comments Below. If We Don't Speak It, Then He Gets No Glory In This Day And Age. 'Miracles' Haven't Ceased. Like The Lame Beggar At The Gate Called Beautiful, He Believed In The Words Of Peter And John. "Silver And Gold Have I None, But Such As I Have, I Give Unto You. In The Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, Rise Up And Walk."
   And We Have. Over All These Years And Trials. Just Believe. It Doesn't Take Very Much. Jesus Himself Said In Matthew 17:20, "And Jesus Said Unto Them, Because Of Your Unbelief: For Verily I Say Unto You, If You Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed, You Will Tell This Mountain, ' Move From Here To There,' And It Will Move, And Nothing Shall Be Impossible To You."
   We've Tried. Hasn't Always Been Easy, But I Can Now Look Back Across Our Lives And See How He Has Fulfilled Every Promise So Far He Has Made. And I Think That's A Glorious Thing. Don't Know What Others Experience Has Been. I'm Just A Single Voice Amongst Millions, But I Can Still Declare Confidently, That My Lord Sits Upon His Throne, Waiting Patiently Until The Father Says, 'Come, Gather Them Now." It's The Eternal Hope That We Have Been Allowed Glimpses Of Over The Years. And It Remains As An Eternal Fire Burning In Our Hearts That No Event On Earth Will Ever Extinguish. Look For The Miracles Around You In This New Year.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

P.S: If You See Spelling Or  Punctuation Errors, Please Inform Me. I Was Just Attempting To Get This Up As Fast As Posssible.  ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.