Saturday, January 16, 2016

On Behalf Of My Loving Wife.....

   My Wife Wrote Me A Letter Last Night. Or, More Of A 'Inspired Poem Of The Heart'. After The First Few Lines, I Felt Really Prompted And Led To Blog It And Share Her Thoughts, With Her Permission. We Normally Don't Like Accepting Praise, But It Was Heartfelt Enough That It Should Be Shared With Others. Maybe It Will Touch Someone Else's Life. Change And Restore A Torch Of Hope In Their Hearts And Relationships With The Help Of His Holy Spirit And Her Story & Thoughts. It Is.... As Follows:

   " For Life Not Having Went The Way It Has, I Wouldn't Be Sitting Here Writing As This. Who Knows What I Would Have Done.
   Silent Dreams.....Whispered Promises..... Lies..... Shattered Hopes.... Deceiving...Despairing Of Life...Eternal Love With A Void Never Ending----Ever Searching For Love.
   Always There....Not Knowing I Was There, But Now I'm Here. Love All Around.Yet None Wanting To Share. Hearts Broken, Ripped Beyond Repair. Desperate Cries Of Help, Hope Deferred. Love, Only Love Can Make A Way When There's No Cure.
   To The Bottom Of The Pits...Screaming LOUD Inside, But Feeling Best If Contained Inside. Surely They Can't Come Out. Hidden In The Deepest Parts, Way Back In The Drawers Of Your Life. Love  Sits Alone...Waiting For Life. Welcome Home....
   Despair. Unbelievable & Undeniable. Who Could Imagine? Who Could Know? A Heart In A 1000 Pieces, Shattered...Laying In The Snow. Freezing Each Piece Hard As Ice. Who Could Ever Put Back Together This Life?
   Addictions To Help Repair & Restore The Soul. Things To Make It Hurt Less End Up Being Bad, & Overtaking Pain Into A New Dimension. Covered...Diluted, Yet Still There. Blurred, Slurred Words Not Understood. Not Even Your Soul Knows What To Do. Ashes To Ashes....Dust To Dust, Must Be Better. Anything But This, Must. Black Hole Of Evil Nothing....Waiting. 'Make Your Move.'
   It's That Easy Sometimes. Memories Of Love Long Ago. Where Did They Go? How Did I Stop Feeling Anything? ....When?
   What Is This Strange Glow? Such A Feeling Of Warmth! Forgotten How It Felt With A Frozen Heart. Warmth In My Veins And In Through To My Mind. Where Does This Come From? How Much Can I Find? 'Don't Get Your Hopes Up, It May Be Another Trick-Feeling, Groping Hands, Lying Lips, A Misguided Mind. Love Deferred Again.....Sick Over And Over Again. STOP! All In New Ways Disguised As Real This Time. But, Is This Not Love?
   But, Wait...It Grows Stronger And Stronger. I've Never Felt Like This Before. Please Don't Go Away. I Couldn't Bear It Any More. Dying Seems So Simple. Now, So Absurd. Who Would Want To Leave This Feeling? Of The Glowing Bliss Of Love? Please Keep Coming, Please I Understand...Yes, Thank You.
   From Who? What Source Is This? A NEW Life? A NEW START? All Is Forgotten, All That Was Rotten From The Start?! My Heart Can Be Mended? It's Not Just Broken In Two, If You Could Do That, Oh, How I'd Love You. Could All This Come From Just One Man? Who Held His Savior By The Hand? As He Introduced Me I Said, 'I Knew You Before' And Fell On My Knees. Thank You Oh Thank You Will You Be There For Me?
   They Resembled Each Other So Much It Was Hard To Tell Who I Loved So Much. I Could See The Savior's Glow Off The Face Of The Man As Well. Continued Warmth & Security Beyond Compare Mending Slowly..Patching Each Little Tear. Having No Thought For Himself Or How He Bled, 'Sacrificial Love' Is What He Said. Teach Me How. Oh, How I Loved This Man And What A True Miracle He Was And Is.
   I Was Dead Walking Until The Savior Sent His Loving Touch...Through A Man Although Not Perfect, But The Best I'd Ever Seen. He Sacrificed His Life For Me And My Children As His Master Did For Us All. No Thanking, No Nothing Expected. Never A Complaint.   Loving...Caring...Holding, Kind And Patient. Oh Please Don't Let This Be Fake. Many Years Of Heartache And Hardness To Break Through But He Chipped Away Day After Day.
   I Started Becoming Anew. My Heart I Was Slowly Mending. My Mind Is Getting There Too. Oh,
How Would I Have Ever Made It Without You? So Just To Tell You My Husband; For My Life, I Thank You With All My Heart. And I'll Try To Be A Godly Wife. How Grateful Are We That You Changed Our Lives! God Only Knows What Would Have Happened If I Had Not Met You That Night.
   A Twist Of Fate, I Think Not.
 It Was Love At First Sight. A Holy Savior Made A Plan, Two Different People To Help Each Other Through.
Our God Made "Heaven" When He Joined Me And You.
'Til This Day I'm Eternally True.
 I Would Never Find Another Like You.
So You Remember Every Time You Forget,
"I Love You, My Husband. Without You I'd Be Dead."
 The Angels Surround Us And Our Children, As We Strive,
 The Lord Up Above Has Given Us Life, You.  
                     I Love You, Regina       "
   As You See, It Was Such A Touching Poem From Her Heart, Because She Has Been Through More Bad Stuff And Traumas Than Any 5 People Have Had In Their Whole Lifetimes. So, It Makes Me Feel That I Now Have An Even Greater Responsibility To Live Up To My Master's Standards In My Relationship With My Wife. Not The Worlds Standards. Because I Have To Answer Eventually To A Higher Authority.
   Ephesians 5:28-29
   28) "In This Same Way, Husbands Ought To Love Their Wives As Their Own Bodies. He Who Loves His Wife Loves Himself.
  29) After All, No One Ever Hated Their Own Body, But They Feed And Care For Their Body, Just As Christ Does The Church--"
   Do You Love Your Body? Then Love Your Wife OR Husband. And As You Begin To Love Each Other Wholeheartedly, You'll Begin To See The Result Of That 'Unconditional' Love Around Your Lives. Treat Each Other As You Would Treat Jesus. Dear Father, To Each One That Has Read This Post Today, May Your Blessings And Peace Cover Over Their Live's, And Let Their Lives Continue To Grow In Your Grace And Wisdom. In Jesus Beloved Name, Amen.
  Now Go, And Try To Love Unconditionally Today.....
                                         #JusSayinWhilePrayin     ....<3'n Jesus Always,k & r