Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Wanted To Write A Love Letter To My Sweetheart.....

   Because The 21st Was Her Birthday. And Unfortunately, It Sucked. I'm Just Not Going To Pull my Punches Anymore About My Life. I Need To Be Forthcoming And Truthful. Because, In The End, That's All That Matters. I'm Not Going To Be Judged By Any Of The 'Cool' Works I've Done, But Hopefully, By Trying My Best To Emulate Every Aspect Of My Lord's Life And Live A 'Mantra' Of "My All For Him, Because He Gave All For Me."
   Outside The Sparkle Of Our Daily Lives And The Faces We We Put On For Those Around Us, Those Within Our 'Inner Circle', So To Speak...We Ourselves, Keep At A Distance At Times,. Those Of Us Who Have Been Outcasts. The Rejected. The 'Misunderstood'. 'sigh'.....I'm Getting Tired Of Explaining Sometimes. But, I Know Many Of You Out There Feel The Same Thing At Times. And It Hurts. Love Has A Way Of Having To Take The Pain Sometimes, Because That's What It Does. It Absorbs Pain. It Absorbs It's Own And Others. And Then, It Releases It Through The Power Of Love.
   I Wanted To Make This An Open Love Letter To The Woman Who Has Been By My Side No Matter What. She's Stood With Me Now Through Several Hospitalizations Of Double-Pnuemonia, Acute Pancreatitis Twice Already (And If You Don't Grasp The Concept Of Physical Pain Or Childbirth, Try This One On For Size!), And Countless Other Hospitalizations, Near-Death Experiences, Heart Surgery, Family Losses, Life Issues, Financial Difficulties, And More Crises Than Any One Person Should Ever Have To. Most In The Last 7 Years.But, ...That's Just Our Perspective.
   But She's Been The Backbone In My Life For Many Years. Almost 28 Now. Hope I Got That Right. My Math Is Getting A Little Weak In My Old Age, LOL! If Not For My Loving Wife, I Would Have Already Gone Mad. Even Though She's Suffering Through Her MULTIPLE Health And Mental Issues Of Her Own. How Great And Beautiful Will Her Crown Be When She Gets To Heaven!!!! I Have Watched This Woman Sacrifice So Much, Even When In Such Physical Agony Herself, Just To Help Her Family. This Is A Woman Who Has Been Broken By The Issues Of Life And STILL Gives Every Bit Of Her Life To Others. ....'sigh'....I Sit Here Now...Thinking About How God Has Truly Blessed Me. Sometimes, We Get So Close To People Sometimes, That We See Their Faults...Like The Cracks In A Psychedelic Lightbulb, But....If You Stand Back, You'll See The True Beauty Overall.
   Regina, That's My Wife's Name. It Means 'Queen'. And Yes, She's My Queen. Carrier Of My First Born. My Soul Mate. Always, 'Until Death Do Us Part'. But, Let's Skip That Part Again Okay? Kind Of Freaked Me A Little The First Time. Sorry, Inside Joke To My Wife.
   See, She Had A Crappy Birthday. Things Just Didn't Work Out Very Well. And This Was Her 60th, Yeah, 'That's The Ticket.' Really Hope I Don't Embarass her With Any Of This Revealing Of Our Lives. But, Like I Said, I'm Trying To Be Honest About Life And Not Try To Fulfill Some Vapid, Self-Glorified Life On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Or Whatever The Upcoming And Trending Social Media 'Spreading The Message' App Is. It's Reality. And It's Also Supernaturalality. The Crossing Over, By His Grace, Of Learning To Walk In This World Together As A Couple, And Also Learning How To Walk Supernaturally And Spiritually Together.
   We've All Got Our Faults. It's Just Easier To Point & Laugh At Others Than Face Our Own Shortcomings In Life. And It's Just Areas That we Have Not Decided To Bolster With Faith And Trust. Weaknesses Arise Each Day. And Try To Overtake Our Lives. And Each Day, Small Victories Build To Bigger Victories.
   So, To Regina. First, Happy Birthday, Once Again. I'm Sorry It Wasn't The Best. But, My Queen, My Love, My Breath, My Heartbeat. This Post I Declare Openly And Publicly To You. I Guess As Long As The Internet Remains Alive, This Will Be There For All To See.....#JusSayinWhilePrayin    ....<3'n Jesus Always And Forever,k.