Thursday, December 10, 2015

'A Fire Shut In My Bones'.......

    How Do You Shut Off A 'Voice And Fire Within Your Bones And Marrow?' The 'Essence Of Your Being?' 'Who You Have Been Created To Be?' It's A Complex Life We Live....Especially In The Day And Age We Are Living In.
   A 'New Age' Of Technological Advances Beyond Even 50's And 60's Science Fiction Writers Ever  Dreamed Of. It's A Dystopia. Yet It Has Happened While We 'Slept' Long Before That Year.
   And Yet, The Time Comes When The Father's Spirit Will Explode Upon The Scene's Of Misery In Our Life, And A Transformation Will Come, If That Has Been The Deepest Desire Of Your Heart. Me? I'm waiting & Praying Patiently And Pleadingly, For A Change To Come In My Life. I Have A Desire For The 'Fire In My Bones' That Many Old Testament Prophets Spoke Of. I Desire To See His Glory And Eternal Plan Fulfilled, Not Only In My Life, But The Lives Of Others Around Me.
   And I'm Waiting, Patiently....For The Rain To Begin To Fall. Soon...Very Soon.   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.