Friday, December 11, 2015

I Stand In Amazement And Awe.....Who Is Like Him? Who Hears The Heart Cries Of His Children?

   I Stand..... Amazed At The Moment And Still In Awe. 
 Within The Last Few Hours, My Local Gas Company Suddenly Showed Up And Turned My Gas Back On. When Asked, The Worker Just Said He Had An Order To Do It. Now, Mind You, My Gas Was Shut Off 2.5 + Months Ago Because We Couldn't Pay. We've Been Unable To Take Care Of It And Get Help For It Yet.  
   I Don't Know How And I Don't Care. All I Truly Know Is, That He.....Has Done It Again. Who Is Like My God And Who Can Overrule His Wisdom & Blessings?
........<3'n Jesus Always,k.
heart emotico'n Jesus Always,k.