Monday, December 7, 2015

Funny, How The Christian Walk Works At Times.....

   It Becomes Amusing................
    The Father Has Ways Of  Teaching Us Lessons. Like, When Praying For Patience...And Then Putting Us In Situations That Demand Patience Or Compassion. Situations And People That Drive Us To Seek 'HIS' Patience And Compassion, Above Whatever, The Present Situation Demands.
   We've Been Challenged A Lot Lately. Severely Limited Financial Resources... Multiple Health Issues. Helping Others A Little Less Fortunate. Not Blowing Any Horns Here....'sigh'. Stressful Days. Almost Every Form Of Resistance We Can Imagine. And Everyone I Have Spoken Or Texted To Lately Is Going Through Pretty Much The Same. Challenged On Every Front.
   And Yet.....His Spirit Of Wisdom Breaks Through The Confusion Around Me, And Speaks Sweetly In My Ears And Heart. "Wait. Be Patient. All Will Be Fine. Have I Not Promised This To You Time And Again? And Have I Failed You Yet?"
....'sigh'....No, Lord, You Haven't. Will I Ever Learn? I Would Hope So. So That I Can Begin To Walk As The Master Walked, And, Him Willing, To Show The Compassion, Mercy And Miracles Of What Our God Is Capable Of.
    This, Lord, Is My Prayer For Today: "Let Me Embrace The Day To Day Suffering As You Embraced It. Looking Forward To The Joy Always Set Before You. In Your Beloved Name I Pray."
   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.