Saturday, October 10, 2015

Where Is Your Faith? Has It Faded Like The Sun, When Night Comes Along?.....

   Well, Just An Update; In The Past Week, We've Gone Through Several Deep, Emotional Moments. I Lost A Friend 2 Days Ago To A Heroin Overdose Apparently. One Of The Many I Have Had The Opportunity And Pleasure Of Trying To Share The Gospel With. To Declare His Word & Freedom To. And Yet, Did Not Want To Hear That 'God Stuff'.
   It Broke My Heart. I Chastised Myself For Hours, Wondering If I Had Ever Had The Chance Or Moment To Say More To Him At Times. And Yet, As I Pray About It, I Was Only A Piece Of The Puzzle Of His Life. Still Struggling.... Had To Take A Walk And Pray.
   I Felt As If I Had Failed Him.  And Then, I Heard That Precious Voice Of His, Directing My Heart To Let These Things Go. "You Have Fulfilled Your Purpose." And Yet, When Only A Certain Piece Of Machinery Fits Into A Specific Machine, And It's Designed Purpose, Does It Work To Perfection. Sorry, Lord, That I Wasn't The Piece Of Machinery That Fit At The Time. May He Bless 'Doc' Accordingly.
   In The Best Words I Can Come Up With, Once You See Him Face To Face, You Will Never Forget Him......<3'n Jesus Always,k.