Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cocooned...In His Love Again......

   I Remember, Vaguely...A Time Wrapped In A Soft Blanket As A Baby. Nestled In My Mother's Bosom. A Place Of Safety....Over The Years, Long Separated Now. But Yet, Still Nestled Within The Memory Of That 'Mother's Love.' And Now, Decades Past, Jesus Love Has Enveloped Me In The Same Precious Way, Time To Time.
   It's Funny, How We Suddenly Walk Into Those Dark Places Of Life , And Get Consumed With The Thought...Day & Night. That,.... "This Is Now, The End Of My Life."
   And Then....His Gentle, Authoritative Voice Breaks Through That Heavy Veil Of Darkness That Clouds Our Minds At Times.
   Like The Sun, Bursting Suddenly Through The Day-To-Day Darkness Of The Daily Grind Of Our Lives, Jesus Sweet Voice Will Come Through....If You Will Only Listen. And Then, Well....You Will Begin To Observe Your Life From A Different Perspective.
   At Least That's Been My Experience So Far Throughout My Short A** Life. After All I Have Walked Through, A 'Fiery Furnace' Becomes A Walk On The Beach, Kids.....#JusSayinWhilePrayin.............<3'n Jesus Always,k.