Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm Struggling Lately......A Bit.

   Well, With The New 'Fun' Meds They Put me On, I'm A Little Aggro Lately. Feeling A Little weak At Times, Sorry For Spelling Errors. Need A New Keyboard Also 'Sigh',....Eventually.
   I Would Think After All These Years And Experiences, I Should/Could Be Tired Of Life. And Yet, Jesus Gives Me A New Reason Day-By-Day To Continue On. Amazing..... He Blows Me Away Each Day. Hey, That Could Be A Good Tweet?! You Think? Posting Now....LOL! I'm Back Now.
   The Attacks Upon Me And My Family Have Not Ceased Yet; Most Specifically Physically, But Economically, Socially, And Historically. But My Father's Name And Glory Will Reign Supreme. And History Always Will Show The Facts.
   And Yet, I Have Observed And Seen The Hand Of God Begin To Move Over Our Lives, And The Lives Of Those We Pray Consistently For. He's Been SOOO Faithful The Last Few Months. I've Seen Friends & Acquaintance's Delivered.....I've Watched Him Deliver Me From The Hand Of The Enemy And Death In Less Than 5 Days.
   WHO Can Be Like MY God? Who Confounds Those Who Claim They Are Wise In The Ways Of This World? None. No, Not One.  Again, He Has Delivered Me From The Hands And Ways Of Death. Just Wish I Could Understand Where He Is Taking Me With All This.
   But, Anyway, Jesus Is The Reason For Me Being Alive In This Season. And A New One It Is. Saints, Hear Now And Hear Well: The Lord, The Father, The Everlasting 'I Am That I Am' Is Going To Open Doors We Have Never Dreamed Of In The Next Few Months, Into The New Year. Watch, And Behold The Power Of Your God And The One You Worship.   Selah....<3'n Jesus Always,k.             r