Monday, September 21, 2015

Aqualung, My Friend....Don't You Start Away So Uneasy. Can't You See? It's Only Me?,,,,,,,,

   I And My Wife Have Had Several Unusual, Supernatural Experiences This Last Week,
 Making A Few, New Divine Connections, Here,.... There..... Over The Last 108 Hours. And Watching In Amazement, As Our Father Has Come Through Once Again. Prayers ...Prayed Eons Ago It Seems Have Suddenly Revealed His Work In The Lives Around Us That We Have Been Allowed To Minister To,... Time & Once Again.
    So Much Truth And Revelation Of The Depth In His Love Lately! Truth & Wisdom, Long Hidden Over The Years Until Perhaps Now, For A Time Such As This. Old Truths And Values, Rising Up, Setting Men & Women Free And On Fire Again. Hearts That Are Searching For Some Unchanging Truth And True Semblance Of Love In The Confusion, Hatred, Jealousy, And Constant 'One-Up-Manship' Around Them. They Seek A Heartfelt Value And Realness, From The Ones I've Been Blessed To Talk With And Become Friends With.
  And By The Grace Of The His Precious Holy Spirit, My Wife And I Have Been Blessed With The Opportunity To Watch Lives That Used To Be Wrecked By Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse And A List Too Long To Even Mention, Be Changed By Jesus, Once They Had Come To The End Of Their Ropes. Some Reject At First, Like The Title Of This Blog Says. Others Are Yet A Work In Progress. That's The Lord's Timing, Not Mine.
   I'm Sorry. Still Quite Tired From Hospital, So I Will Make This Short.
   In Psalm 24:1 It Says, "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;" He....Who Knew Your Names Before The Womb, Knows YOUR Path. Please, If You Remember One Statement In Life, Know THIS One From The Lips Of Our Creator: "You....Are...Loved. Come To Me. All Is Forgiven.   .....#NUFFSAID  #REALTALK
     .....<3'n Jesus Always....And Forever,k,.