Monday, September 21, 2015

Well, Just Got Out Of The Hospital Yesterday......

  Yes. Once Again. Went In On Monday, Pretty Sure It Was A Problem With My Pancreas. I've Had That Same Pain Once Before.
   See, Several Years Back, I Was Struck Down With Acute Pancreatitis, Due To My Own Failures. When They Put Me In The Hospital, It Was No Food, No Water, Ice Chips Only For 30 Days. That Was Not An Enjoyable Holiday To Say The Least.
   But This Time...Ah, This Time Was Comparable To Being Run Through With A Broadsword. Similar To A Train Crash In The Middle Of Your Body.
   Agony? mmmm....Think "Crying Like A Baby " Agony. I Eventually Overrode The Directives I Had Previously Given My Wife: 1) Do Not Call 911 Unless I Am Unconcious 2) Do Not Call 911 Unless I Fall Down. I Need To Add An Addendum I Guess. 2-a) If Screaming In Agony, Call 911.
   So, Here Comes The 'Circus' Down My Street At 1:30 AM . They Take Me To The Local Hospital Where They Quickly Check Me Out And Draw Blood. And Then Comes The Time-Stopping, Agonizing Wait To Find Out What Might Be Wrong. Thank God My Precious Wife Was There, Although She Herself Has Been Hurting Badly Herself Lately. Every Time The Intense Pain Spasms Started, She Would Lay Hands On Me and Start Praying Until They Subsided.
   After Eternity, The Dr. In Charge Confirms What I Had Already Known: The Pancreatitis Was Back, With A Vengence. I Was Shipped Off Upstairs Immediately, But Not Before They Were Kind Enough To Give Me A Nice Couple Of Shots Of Dilaudid. Thank You, Jesus, So Much.
   So, After Being Shuffled Around To Various X-Rays, CT Scans And Whatnot, The Dr. Now In Charge Tells Me My Pancreas Is Shot. I Supposedly Have Calcium Build Ups In It. Oh, And This Along With Recent Problems With High Blood Pressure. In Fact, While In My Room, They Became Concerned Because My BP Shot To 200/120. And I've Been Recently Diagnosed With Spondylitis And Calcium Buildups In My Spine. So, I'm Getting Pain From All Directions. But Praise Jesus, Nothing Is Ever Too Hard For Our Father. But Yet, Once Again: No Food. No Water. No Sleep, Because Of The Multiple Bags They Had Hanging Up Overhead. Guaranteed, At Least Once Every 45 Minutes To An Hour, 'Dilaudided' Out Or Not, They Would Wake Me Up With Their Beeping That They Were Empty Or Clogged. Fun Times! Give Me More!
   Not Including The Parade Of Drs, Gastroenterologists, Nurses, Aides, Social Workers, Phlebotomist's , And My Roommate's Very Extended, But Loving And Gracious Family.
    But What I Will Have To Say Is That I Have Never Been Blessed With Such A Kind, Patient, And Loving Staff Taking Care Of Me In All The Times Over These Many Years I Have Spent In Countless Hospitals. and It Made Me Think Of How Lovingly The Father Takes Care Of His Children, Even In Their Pain And Suffering. So May His Greatest Blessings Come Upon Each And Every Person That I Had The Pleasure Of Coming In Contact With At Kenmore Mercy Hospital, 2nd Floor, Buffalo, N.Y. Father, Bless Each One Of Them In A Very Personal Way, In Jesus Name, Amen.
   Now, With That, Now Begins The Most Amazing Part. At This Point, I Am Probably 10 Times Worse Than The First Time It Happened. I Go In Monday, Thinking I May Kick Off This Time. Yet, Friday Afternoon I Walked Out Of The Hospital.
   Can I Get An Amen & Hallelujah? And Each Day Now, I Am Realizing Changes In Myself That I Have Hoped And Prayed For Seemingly Ever. I Have Watched My Families Faith Levels Begin To Rise Through The Roof. And Though We Are Still In The Middle Of Other Personal Disasters, Yet We Live Still Each Day, Hopefully For That Next Chance To Minister And Care For Someone Else In Need.     ......<3'n Jesus Always,k.