Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hear, You Who Have Ears To Hear Now....

  The Days Come Now, When Darkness Will Cover This Earth. Listen Now, With The Ears Of Your Hearts. The Time Is Coming When Wickedness Will Seem To Prevail, And Yet,The Spirit Of God Is Going To Raise His Standard Over ALL The Nations Of The World. Take Heed NOW, To What Is Transpiring. Repent And Change, Before The Days Are Now Shortened.
  I Hate Even Thinking About It Nowadays. But, The Signs Are Everywhere. I Would Love To Watch My Grandchildren Grow Up And Have Tight Families Of Their Own. But, With The Times And Seasons Happening, I'm Uncertain Occasionally Of The Possibilities. And Yet, Our Father Is ALWAYS Full Of Grace.
  My Vision Of The Father Has Been One Of Terror And Fear At Times, Yet In The Last 7 Years, He Has Shown Me A Side Of Him That I Never Knew Existed.His Grace, His Love, His Mercy, His Compassion ...Has Overwhelmed My Life In The Last 7 Years. Things Others Have Not Been Allowed To See In Our Lives. Yet, To Him Alone Belong The Highest Praises Of All. He Alone Has Brought Us Through 'Hell & High Waters'.
 How Can I Make This Statement? 'Been There. Done That.' Sums It Up Pretty Much. But, What About YOU? How Has He Touched Your Life Lately? What Miraculous Things Has He Done In YOUR Lives Lately? I Know You Are Reading This Blog, But Tell ME, What Has He Done For You Lately? Let Me Hear You In The Comments Below. This Blog Is Not Supposed To Be About Me. It's Supposed To Be About Him. Tell Me YOUR Stories Below..Please. Inspire Me With Your Stories Of How He's Stepped Into YOUR Life.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.