Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Would You Like Some More, Please?.....

   I Have Been Watching Tonight. And Seeing The Grace, Blessings, And Wonders That He Has Been Placing Upon His Children Lately. And Yes, I Am Amazed. I Have Seen Children As Young As 5 Or 6 Years Old, Blessed With Incredible Vocal Talents. Praise God For Programs Like 'America's Got Talent' Or 'Britain's Got Talent'. So Many Children And Peoples From All Walks Of Life, Who Have Come From Obscurity, And Touched The Heart Of The World, Through The Power Of Faith And Belief.
   He Promised, That In The Last Days, He Would Empower His People With Gifts Beyond Our Understanding & Comprehension, And I Think The Time Has Come Where I Feel Myself Cry Out Each Day And Night, "Please Lord, Give Me More, That I Might Give Back!"
  If Your Life Is Regulated By Your Alarm Or Clock, You May Need To Change Your Perspective. Time's Are Changing My Brothers And Sisters. Can't Remember When The Last Time Is I Got 8 Hours Of Full Rest. Like The Comedian Kevin Meaney Used To Say, "You're Like A Crazy Person! What's Wrong With You? Your Father Doesn't Do This. Your Brothers Don't Do This. Your Like A Crazy Person! What's Wrong With You?"
   Well, Yes, I Guess I May Seem Like A Crazy Person. Sorry, But I Love My Lord And Master Now More Than Ever In My Life. Through Every Trial, Tribulation, Hospitalization, Incarceration, And Devastation, He Has Kept Us.
   How? No Clue.... He's Just Always Been There. I Thank God For Those Who Have Gone Before Me And Lifted Me Up When I Was Stupid And Young And Prayed For My Future.
    But Lately, The Visions, Dreams And 'Divine Appointments' Have Become More Pronounced. Have You Looked Around Each Day? Have You Watched Carefully For His Signs Around Your Life? He's Making Them Plain. Are You Missing Out On Spectacular Blessings That Pass You Unbeknown On The Sidewalk? Do You Desire MORE Of Him? And How Great Is Your Desire? Will You Lay Everything Down In Your Life Just To Receive His Truth And Fulfill That Deep Seated Need Within You? Will You Fill The Hole In Your Heart With A Desire To Follow Him With Everything You Have In Life? Until You Can Make That Commitment, You Still May Not Understand The Sacrifice Involved. He Laid EVERYTHING Down For You To Lay Claim To His Name.  But Have You?
   For Those Who Lay It All Down In This Day And Age, You Will Receive 100 Times Over Everything You Lay Down For Him Now. It's About Sacrifice, Not Sacrilege. Look Up Again To The Heavens Above In Humility And Expect An Avalanche Of Response From Him More Than Ever. Now..... Would You Like Some More Please?    #JusSayinWhilePrayin     ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.