Friday, August 14, 2015

Can You Hear The Winds Of Change Today?....

   Well, Do You Hear The Spirit Of The Wind Changing? A Change Is Coming, And It's Because Of The Prayers And Cries Of The Hearts Of Those Who Have Dedicated Themselves To Seeking The Face Of The Father, Looking For Redemption From The Sick, Broken World We ALL Now Inhabit.
  The Tide Of Justice And Righteousness, Words Inscribed Upon His Very Throne, Are Coming. I've Watched The Changes Happening In Other Countries And My Own. His Word Always Stands The Test Of Time And Societal Changes. His Word Is An Eternal Truth, And Never Has Changed Over The Millennia. He Is Holy. No Doubt About It. And We, Are Weak And Helpless. And That Will Never Change.
   We Are Frail, Fleshly Human Beings. Our Skin Is Fragile, While Appearing So Tough. Our Bones, While Strong In Appearance, Would Melt In The Sight Of His Very Presence. And Yet, He Loves Us With A Love Fiercer Than The Most Raging Fires Upon This Planet. This Is The Heart Of The Father. And Many, Myself Included, Have Not Yet Understood The Depth, Power, And Glory Of His Love. He Is Changing Things Around Us. You Have All Felt 'Off' This Last 6-8 Months. Because Our enemy, Hates Us. He Is Trying Desperately To Extinguish The Joy, Power, And Vision That Has Been Put In Our Hearts Over The Last Several Years. Why? Because Now, His Time Is Very Short.      I've Spoken Lately To So Many Who Feel His Call Upon Their Lives. And Yet, Have Struggled So Hard To Find Their Place In His World. Yes, Time Is Growing Short. But Will We Bow Our Knees To The Pressures Of The World And It's Traps, Pitfalls, And Endless Sinkholes Of Hopelessness? Or Shall We Rise Through Humility, Prayer, And Praise, For The Visions & Dreams He Has Exposed To Our Hearts And Minds?
   Me? I Want To Follow The Lead Of The Holy Spirit Like Never Before In My Life Because This Is The Only Thing That Gives Me Completion In My Life Lately. Yes. The Winds Of Change Are Blowing, But Shall We/You Bend Or Break Under The Pressure? Me....I Trust In Him More And More Each Day To Provide The Strength, Grace, And Favor I'm Needing Each Day. Because....I Am Weak. And Only He Is The Strength That Keeps Me Going Each Day. And I'm Just Going To Humbly Ask Right Now, Father, Hear My Prayer For All Who Have Spent Their Precious Time Reading This Post, Bless Them Now Oh Lord. Touch Each One With The Tremendous Love, Power, And Forgiveness Of Your Holy Spirit. Let Them Now, Begin A New Day, Full Of Expectation, Hope, Love And Faith To Begin To Have Even The Mustard Seed Of Faith To Take The Chance To Pray For A Stranger Or Friend. And Yet, Watch...As The The Glory Of God Begins To Settle Upon A Desperate And Lonely Situation, So That They Might See The Depth Of Your Love For Them, As You Demonstrated To Us Years Before And Even Up Until This Very Day, To Show The Magnificence Of Your Power, Forgiveness And Glory. Thank You Jesus. Show Now To Your People, The Power Of Your Love & Grace This Very Day, That They May Sing Your Praises Forevermore...... #JusSayinWhilePrayin   .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.