Saturday, August 1, 2015

What Have I Learned Today, Part Deux.....

  As I Sit Here At My Computer On A Saturday Afternoon, It Is Peaceful And Comfortable Outside. I Hear The Sounds Of Children Playing Ball On The Next Street Over. Sounds I Remember From Years Gone Past In My Life. Before We Had Computers. Before We Had Cellphones. Before We Had Handheld Games. Before We Had 24/7/365 Cable. We Are A Society On Sensory & Informational Overload. What Happened To Sitting And Listening Silently To The Gurgle Of A Brook Beneath Your Feet? Or Beneath A Tree, And Hear The His Whisper In The Wind Through The Leaves? Hearing Creation Praise Him Through The Sweet Voice Of His Birds For His Miraculous Provision Each Day Now.
   There Seems To Be Such A Stillness In The Air Today. A Sense Of Expectation. I've Been In Prayer And Thought All Day, Because I Have Been Feeling Under The Weather Lately,Because Of Outside Pressures. And My Father Is Going To Be Glorified In My Life. ...And Yours. Look Up. Help Is Coming More Quickly Than You Realize.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.