Friday, July 31, 2015

What Have I Learned Today? Hmmm...

   I Think About It Now. I've Seen So Many Miracles Today. The Miracle Of Feeling Good And Alive. The Miracle Of Watching A Close Friend Just Tell Me He Was Hit By A Car On His Bike. Miraculously, He Survived Without A Scratch. And Came Rushing In Telling Us All About It. He's A Believer Now. So Funny How Jesus Just Loves To Give Us A Wake Up Call Now And Then.
   It's Time To Become Aware. Time To Read The Signs Of YOUR Times. Sounds Like An Old Song, Eh? But, The Truth Is, If You Don't Begin To Stand Up For Jesus, You May Never Stand Up, Because Times Are Changing Quickly. Shut Off Your TV's. Shut Off Your Phone. Shut Off Your Ipod. And Then....Just Listen.
  His Spirit Is Beginning To Move Across Not Just This Nation, But Across The World. His Voice Is In The Wind. Take Time For Just You And Him. Be Silent For 3 Minutes And Listen, And See What You Hear.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.