Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Rock You Like A Hurricane"................

   Yes. His Spirit WILL, 'Rock You Like A Hurricane.' He Has The Ability, The Desire To Change Your Life, And He WILL Carry Out His Plans. IF, You Will Acquiesce To His Will. For Those That Don't Know Or Understand The Word, 'Acquiesce' Means Essentially, "Do You Desire To Change?" Are You Willing To Change? If Your Desire Exceeds Your Past Failures, He Will Make A Way. See, It's Not In Looking Back Down The Road You Came From, But It's In Seeing The Road Laid Before You Now.
   Do We See Darkness? Or Do We See The Lamp Of His Word Before Our Paths In Life? That's What His Word Says In Psalm 119:105, "Your Word Is A Lamp To Guide My Feet And A Light To My Path.'  I & My Wife Have Found Myself So Much Lately, Leaning Upon These Very Promises. We Have Nothing Left BUT Him Anymore, At This Stage In Our Lives. Yes, We Are Financially Broken, Materially Deficient, And Yet, Overflowing With Faith Like Never Before In Our Lives.
   Why? Because What We Have Learned Over The Past 28 Years For My Wife, And The Last 34 Years For Myself, Is That Our God And Father NEVER Fails Us. Yes. We Have Been Through Many Intense Circumstances In Our Lives Where We Many Have Thought All Hope Was Lost. But, See, What We've Learned After Surviving All These Massive Life Circumstances, Is That Our God Reigns. Not Only Over Each Circumstance, But Life Itself. Even When We Had Little Strength Left To Believe Anymore, He Has Come Through Like The Shining Sun That He Is.
   And Yes, Again, He Will 'Rock Your Life Like A Hurricane,' If You Will Only Hold On And BELIEVE. And Yes, Easier At Times To Say Than Do. But The Fascinating Fact I've Found Is, He Himself Will Give Us The Strength, Faith, And Tenacity To Overcome All Obstacles. I Think Now Of The Times When My Wife Went Through Open-Heart Surgery, Through Critical Infections,And Through Surgeries Innumerable. And I Think Of How His Spirit Has Brought Me Through Multiple Sicknesses, Infections, And Life-Threatening Conditions....Too Many To Account For, Or Remember Now. ....And Always, Ever Faithful, My Children Have Been Attacked. My Oldest Daughter Has Been Attacked With Cancer. My Youngest Son Has Been Attacked With Stage 4. And No Matter What People May Say, No Matter What People May Do, And Yet I Still Believe In You, Lord.
   You Have Been Our Strength Over The Years, Our Shield, Our Buckler, And Ever-Present Stronghold That Has Kept Us Safe Throughout Our Lives Now. And There Is NONE Like You. Thank You Precious Father. Thank You, Lord & Master Of Our Lives, Jesus Christ. And Perhaps, At Times, Most Importantly,... Thank You For Your PRECIOUS Holy Spirit That Leads And Guides Us Everyday Now In Our Lives, To Avoid The Pitfalls And Traps The enemy Has Laid For Us. Thank You Jesus, For What You Have Done Already, And For The Blessings Now Set Before Us. All Praise Belongs To You For All You Did 2000 Years Ago, Because Like The Word Of God Says In Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday And Today And Forever."  Thank God You Never Change.
   ........<3'n Jesus Always,k.& r.