Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I See A Sea Of Glass Mingled With Fire Burning....

  It's 4:00 A.M.....And I Am Sitting Here Listening To A Wonderful Christian Songwriter, Named Jon Thurlow, Who You Can Find On YouTube Here:
   He Sings A Song Called " Storm All Around You", ...And As I Sit Here In The Middle Of The Quietness Of The Night, It Reminds Me Of How He Comes In At Our Deepest Times Of Doubt And Anxiety. And He Reminds Us Of The Power, Authority And Dominion He Holds, and WHO He Truly Is.
   He Reminds Us That He Has More Strength Than 100,000 Armies. More Strength Than A Million Planets In Our Galaxy, Spinning,  Guided By The Power Of His Authority  And The Immutable Power Of His Very Spoken Word. Who Amongst Us Has The Ability To Do What Our Father Has Only Conceived Of? Who Amongst You Shall Say, "I Sit In A Place Of Power & Glory. Who Has The Power To Compel Him To Move?
    That's Why I Love This Song. It Touches The Base Line Of Every Heart Living On This Planet. Without Him, You And I Have No True Life. Because He Is My Life. He Is The Breath Of My Life, And There Is None Like Him In All The Heavens.That We Have Ever Seen Before Our Lives. And If You Do Not Take Notice Soon, Well....The Outcome May Not Not Be Pleasant.
 His Word Says In Psalm 50:10, "For Every Beast Of The Forest Is Mine, And The Cattle On A 1000 Hills." And In Haggai 2:8, " The Silver Is Mine, The Gold Is Mine, Saith The Lord Of Hosts".
And He Has Proved His Word To Us Time  & Once Again. He Has Delivered Us From
Destruction, Over And Over, Again & Again Over The Years. He Has Ever Been Faithful To Us.      And Now, After Watching Over The Last Few Years, He Has Stepped Up To Bless Us, Because He Loves Those That Have Not Considered The Breadth, Depth, And Height Of His Love. If You Haven't Felt That Moment Like That Yet, Well, I Feel For You.
   To Be Wrapped Suddenly In Heaven's Love, And The Warmth Of His Presence. There Is No Drug On Earth That Can Compare, And Believe Me, I've Taken Most Of Them In My Lifetime. When The Immenseness Of His Presence Falls, Your World As You Know It, ....Disappears.
  Who Is Like Him? Who Can Compare To His Ability To Come Through In A Time Of Need, Where No One But Him, Can Deliver You?
   Who Creates The Stars And Causes Them To Move In Clockwork Timing? Who Causes The Wind To Blow And The Mountains To Shake And Bow Before Him? You? CEO Of A Multi-Billion $ Enterprise? You Who Proclaim Yourselves 'Master Of My Domain'? You Who Sit And Drink In Riches Like Water? On The Coming Day Of The Lord, No Matter Your Riches, Holdings, Stock Options, 401k's, Writeups In The Huffington Post, New York Times, Or The Washington Post, You Shall Bow Before Him. As We All Shall.
   For There Is A Storm All Around Him. Lightening's And Thunderings. And His Peace. Remember His Peace.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.