Monday, August 24, 2015

Have Had Such A Blessed Day Today, And The Last Few Days.....

   It's Been Such A Lovely Sunday, And Even As I Write This, I Have Friends Coming Over To Spend A Night Of Watching A Few Shows, Talking And Conversing Amongst Ourselves About The Daily Events In The World.
   Have Seen Such An Influx Of People Visiting Over The Last Few Evenings, Middle-Of-The-Night Emergencies Involving Yet My Wife And I Have Been Blessed With Enough Spiritual Insight Because Of His Grace, To Recognize That The Spirit Of God Is TRULY Moving Now. It's Something So Many Greater Prophets Than I Could Ever Hope To Be, Have Seen And What Is Now Beginning..... Changes Have Begun. Most, ....For The Better, Because That's The Father's Will. And Yet, Resistance Like Never Before Is Beginning. Just Walking Back From The Store This Evening, I Began To Hear Loud & Violent Voices In The Air. I Heard And Felt The Potential Violence That The Air Was ou Need To Begin To Pay Attention. Listen. I've Seen Our Father Produce So Many Miracles  We Just Stand Silently, In Awe Of Him.
   And Yet, Perhaps I Digress, Over The Last 3 Days Events. And Rightly So, You Would Ask, 'But What Has Happened Over These Days? What Has Captured Your Attention?'
Has Your Attention Lately, Been Captured Supernaturally? Well, You Know Me.....#JusSaynWhilePrayin   ...<3'n Jesus Always,k.