Friday, August 7, 2015

Guess It's Time To Post.....

   Well, It's Been An Interesting Few Days. I've Been Threatened With Eviction. I And My Wife Have Been Attacked Physically Like Never Before. We've Been Attacked Emotionally And Mentally. We Both Feel As If We Are Losing It Lately.
   Earlier Today, My Wife Related A Dream To Me That She Had This Morning. Anyone Of You Who Have Ever Had An Extremely Vivid Encounter With Jesus Will Relate. In Her Dream, After She Awoke Terrified And In Tears, She Told Me That Men Were After Her To Take Her As They Willed. But, In The Midst Of It All, She Began To Sing The Words Of A Familiar Worship Song.    And At The Moment She Began To Sing, An Angel, Clad In Impervious Armor Appeared. Shining Like The Sun And Covered From Head To Toe. She Described Him As Almost Terminator Like. She Thought That She Might Be Finally Going Home.
  And Then, The Angel Of God Laid His Hands Upon Her Head In The Dream. She Then Saw The Image Of My Son And Myself, And Saw Halo's Over Our Heads. Heard The Words That, 'They Will Both Be Pastors." Any Thoughts On This?.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

 P.S. Sorry If Some Things I Say In My Posts Are Not Clear. Between The Physical Effects Of Going Through A Lifetime Of Injuries Shrugged Off,  Our Bodies Are Taking A Toll.