Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"The Days Of Elijah Are Returning....."

   Hear Now, You, The People Of God. You, Who Call Yourselves Under The Banner Of His Name And PRINCIPLES: The Time To Wait For The Right Moment To Introduce Yourself To The Father, Become Best Friends With Him, And Walk Humbly In His Power And Glory Is Rapidly, ..... RAPIDLY...Coming To A Closure.
   Look Around. Read The Daily News. Inform Yourself, And Then Pray. Pray Honestly Like You Have Never Prayed Before, That The Truth Will Be Revealed From The Fiction Of Our World. We Live Now In An Age, Where Truth Can Be Easily Distorted Through Electronic Means.  Media Manipulation ,And What You Are Listening To Is Distorting YOUR Natural Senses. Be Still For A Bit, And Listen For His Still, Sweet Voice. Seek Him Now. While He Can Still Be Found. For The Time Is Now Coming, And Already HAS Come Among The Nations Across The Earth.Conflicts & Wars Are Everywhere. Man's Barbaric Nature And Lust For Power At Play. Natural Disasters Are On A Meteoric Rise.
 But Yet, It Tells Us In Psalm 46:10 "Be Still, And Know That I AM God:I Will Be Exalted Among The  Heathen, I Will Be Exalted In The Earth."
If You Won't, Or Don't, Sad Truth Is, Then You Literally Sign Your Own Death Warrant. When You Spend Time In His Presence, You Glorify Him. And He Will Glorify You.You Will Be Refreshed, Restored, And Rejuvenated, Against An Increasingly Dark World. I Desire To Be A Light In The Darkness.
   Yes. I Want To See His Miraculous Power Flow To A World Jaded By CGI And Photoshop Editing.That Will Be Convinced In The Presence Of His Glory.Yes, I Want To Be Who I Have Been Designed To Be Before The Beginning Of The World. And I Want You To Also, Who Have Been Created To Be The Sparkle In His Eye's. That Alone Will Be My Greatest Praise.This Is A Time Worth Considering Or Giving A Little Serious Prayer To Whatever God You Serve.
   I Serve Jehovah, The Lord God Almighty. He Is The One Who Lives & Lives Forever More.There Is No Hiding From His Eyes. All Things...Yes, Unfortunately, ALL THINGS Are Seen By Him And From His Eyes.Nothing Is Hidden. Every Secret That We Ever Thought Undiscovered In Our Psyche's. Yes. He Has Seen Every 'Filthy' Or 'Dirty' Thing We Have Ever Thought Of Or Entertained. But, Hey! Guess What? You, Me, All Of Us Are Forgiven. Yes. You're Forgiven.  
   And Now,........It's Forgotten. From His Eye's And Thoughts. Oh? You Didn't Realize That Did You?  He Forgave You 2000 Years.Ago. Yes?  He Went Through An Incredibly Painful Death. My Wife And I Were Talking About This Earlier. Reliving The Brutal Moments He Suffered. For Us.
   So Many Lost Now.. And Our Hearts Hurt For Them.
    Yes. Too Many Lost Ones Running Around Lately. Sure. I've Gained A Few New Adopted Children Lately. Those Who Now Hold Closely To Anything I Or My Wife May Say. Today, More Than Ever, I've Had Them Come Up And Tell Us, 'You're Family,"
  Even Today, It Makes Me Want To Cry At Times. For They Care More Than Even My Own Children At Times. Last Night, These Not Of My Own Flesh & Blood, Called Me An Ambulance To Make Sure I Got Checked Out Because Of Extreme Back Pain.
   Amazing. The Level Of Concern And Care Almost Blew Me Away. And THIS Is How The Kingdom Of God Should Be. Can You Not See It? Complete Strangers That Truly Care. Wow. I'm Blown Away. Well.........Just Letting Ya'll Know What's Happened In The Last 24 In MyLife. #JusSayinWhilePrayin                      .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.