Tuesday, July 28, 2015

YOUR Prayers Are Needed, My Friends.....

 I Am Afflicted. I Am Under Attack. Yes, The Enemy Of Our Souls Appears Not To Be Too Happy With My Posts Lately. And It Is A Vicious Struggle To Post My Thoughts Lately. Don't Be Scared. Don't Be Anxious. He Alone Has My Back. For Who, In All The Heavens & Earth Shall Cover Me With Kindness? WHO Is Likened Unto im, Who Makes The Stars His Throne And The Earth His Footstool? In Those Moments Of Blinding Pain, Lack Of Sight, Lack Of Wisdom....Who Is Like Him? WHO Can Compare With His Power? WHO Can Relate To His Power? None. No, Not One.
   Yes, I'm In Pain. Physically The Most, But Only To Cloud My Thoughts. To Cloud His Presence In My Mind. And Yet, Our God & Father Will Answer. Finally Got My X-Rays Done Tonight, After 3 Months. Now. He Is Merciful. He Is Grace Complete. Look Now Now, Unto The Heavens And Stars, For He Will Reveal His Grace Unto All......<3'n Jesus Always,k.