Monday, July 27, 2015

Just The Prayer Of My Heart Today.....

  Dear Father In Heaven, You Who Rule And Control The Heavens And The Earth. I Call Out Today From The Depths Of My Spirit. Father, I Am Growing Weary Now, But YOU Alone Are The One Who Restores My Soul And Body, Daily. Without Your Presence, I Would Not Awake Nor Arise To Face Each New Day.
   You Have Always Been There, ...Though In My Youthful Ignorance, I Never Understood The Many Times You Have Watched Over My Life, And The Lives Of Those I Love.
   I Just Wanted To Say 'Thank You' Today. Thank You, For Every Time We Have Been Afflicted, You Have Come Through As The Lion Of Judah To Deliver Us, Even In Our Last Moments.
   Father, I Just Wanted To Express My Gratitude To You In This Post. For When My Physical Strength Fails At Times, Your Strength Has Sustained Me.
   When My Mind Is Full Of Lies, Deceptions, And Attacks Of The Enemy, You Have Come In With Your Presence Suddenly, Like A Roaring And Mighty Wind, To Scatter Them Before Me.
   When My Spirit Is Distressed, Broken & Bankrupt, You Bring Your Presence That Covers Me, Like A Warm, Electrified Blanket Of Peace, Prophetic Vision, And Power.
   Father, I Just Want To Say, "Thank You' For All You Do. You Know When I Rise. You Know When I Lay Down. And Most Importantly, You Scatter Our Enemies Before Us, For There Is None Likened Unto You. And Those Whose Hearts Are Humbled Before You, You Will Not Ignore Or Overlook. Bless & Praise You Father For Your Goodness....In Jesus Loving Name. Selah.
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