Monday, September 8, 2014

Trying To Help, I Get Inadvertently Burned Again....

  Well, It's 4:50 am As I'm Typing This, Which I Am Having Great Difficulties In Doing So Due To My Right Hand Having Transformed Into A Semblance Of My Foot. & It Hurts. A Lot. Oh, Yes, Lots. Allow Me To Explain:
On Friday Evening, I Was Sitting On My Porch With My Neighbor. She Has A Very Friendly Cat Named "Blackie" ,Who Is One Of The Sweetest Cats I've Ever Met. Blackie Was Laying On The Steps Next To Us As We Were Talking. Suddenly, My Neighbors Down The Street, Who Own A Pitbull, Lose Their Grip On Him And He Charges Down The Street. Well, We Both Stand Up, Unsure Of What He Is Going To Do. But, We Already Knew. He Took One Look At Blackie Laying Next To Me,.... And Wants To "Play".
 Well, My Neighbor And I Stand between The Dogs Sight So He Loses Track Of Blackie. Blackie, However, Is Bored. And Not Really Paying Attention. Dog Is Very Smart. He Decides To Run Around The Bushes And Approach The Porch Form Another Angle, With Blackie Being His Target.     As He Lunges Forward To Give Blackie A Nice, Friendly Hug I'm Sure, My Instinct Decides To Take This Moment To Be Brave & Stupid. ....Emphasis Upon "Stupid".  The Worst Time To Have Both Emotions. With One Move I Snatch Blackie From Behind By His Scruff And Sweep Him Out Of Harm's Way. Definitely His And The Dog's. Mine...Not So Much. As My Hand Lifts Him Out Of The Way, I Think I May Have Scared Him, Because He Lashed Out With His Rear Claws And Laid My Hand Open In 2 Places. Not Life Threatening, But Definitely Bleeding. But The Best Is Yet To Come. He Also Simultaneously Turns His Head Around JUST Enough To Sink A Fang Into The Middle Of The Back Of My Hand. This Hurts Too. Just Not That Much Yet. So, Blackies Safe, Dog's Under Control, And My Hand Is Bleeding.
   So, I Go To Wash It Out And Do A Damage Assessment. One Scratch Mark On The Outside Of Index Finger. Not Bad. Cool, I Can Deal With That. Now To Look At The Scratch Between Middle And Ring Fingers. Ahhh... Laid Open With Surgical Precision! Could Use A Stitch, But Had Much Worse Than This. Now For The Bite. One Small Puncture Wound, Barely A Couple Millimeters Wide. Not Bleeding Much. Okay, So I'm Not Gonna Bleed To Death. Only One I'm Concerned With Is The 'One-Stitch'. Bleeding Pretty Good. Must Have Hit A Nice Vein. So I Do Damage Control, Clean Them Out, Put Turmeric Paste On Top Of The Puncture Wound And Put A Little Gauze Around It. Sweet, All Done. And Then Tomorrow Came......
  By Midday, I Realize My Hands A Little Red And Tender Around The Cat Bite. Within A Few Hours, My Hand Begins To Swell Grotesquely And I Can't Close My Hand. By That Evening, My Hand Is Inflamed And Feels Like SOmeone Poured Hot Oil Over It. Screamingly Tender To The Touch. I Finally Manage To Get A Ride To The Emergency Room That Evening About 7:30pm.
   Once I'm Taken In, They Assess It And Hook Me Up To An I.V. Of Antibiotics (They Said, Still Don't Know What It Was.) So Lay There And Pass Out For A Bit And Then They Hook Up Another I.V. This One Has Liquid Tylenol In It. Wow! I Should Be Rocking In A Little Bit. Looking Back, I Now Realize That They Never Bothered To Clean The Wound Out, Wrap It Or Anything. Probably Because My Health Insurance Isn't In Effect Yet. Even After Pointing Out That I Had Red Streaks Beginning Up My Arm And I Can't Latch My Watch Around My Wrist Anymore. Can't Even Take It Off Either, LOL! So I Get A Prescription For Augmentin/Amoxicillin To Take For 10 Days. At This Point, I'll Have To Try To Get It The Next Day. My Son Calls Around And Found That It Runs $74 Just For Generic, And Brand Name Is Like..$1000? Seriously? It's Not Freaking Gold Or Silver I'm Taking. Anyway, My Boy Calls Another Pharmacy That Lives In The Real World, And It's Only $15. That's Great! Only Problem. Don't Have It. Basically,..Broke. A Friend Was Supposed To Drop Me Off Some Money I Had Loaned Him Before, But, Now That I Need It, Can't Find Him. Great.
  So, I'll Have To Wait Until Tomorrow And Something Will Work Out Somehow. Praying Once Again And Thanking Jesus That He Will Take Care Of Me As Always. My Father Always Has A Way Of Making Things Happen. Just Wish He Would Make The Swelling Disappear Overnight So That It's Not So Excruciatingly Painful. But, Thank You For My Brothers And Sisters For Their Prayers. Can't Imagine What It Would Be Like Without Them. Don't Think I Would Want To Know.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.