Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Love Music...

   I Love Music. Always Have. Always Will. Music Speaks The Emotions Of The Heart That Sometimes The Thoughts Or Mouth Can't Express. I Usually Spend A Lot Of My Time Writing When I'm Listening To Praise And Worship. It Takes Me Away To A Place Where I Can Hear And Be Heard Clearer. Or Should I Say, More Clearly? Bah, Semantics.
  Music Will Take You Places. Places Your Mind And Heart Have Only Dreamed Of, Yet Your Body Has Never Been. Whatever Country, State, Region Or Village It Comes From, Their Will Be A Universality Within It. It Strikes The Chords Of The Deepest Needs And Hurts Of The Human Soul. And It Spreads Healing. When I Lift My Hands In Praise; Praise For Each Day I Am Now Granted. Praise For Peace In My Soul. Praise For The Simple Things Of Life, Like Flowers, Birds And Beauty.                                            Praise Comes From A Place In The Heart That Must Transcend The Reality Of The Point Of Despair With Current Circumstances. Whether They Be Health Related, Financial Exhaustion, Emotional Caregiving,  The Death Or Deaths Of A Loved One, Or Even Some Extreme Global Event That Will Shake Or Has Shaken The Very Existence Of Their Lives.Many Of Us, As Part Of The Entire Human Race Have Been Stretched To The Limits Of Human Ability. But The One Cure For This Can Be Found, In Those Darkest Of Moments, In Those Far Corners Of Your Mind:
   Praise. Lift Your Feeble Hands. Open Your Mouth. Let The Squeaks, Barks, Squawks And The Voices Of Angels Come Forth, Come Forth As They May! Lift Your Voices To The One Who Has The Power To Set You Free On A New Level Of Experience. Just Thank Him That You Can Breathe!    
     At Times It Feels Like Trying To Explain A Foreign Country To Someone Who's Never Even Heard Of It. Maybe Just My Take. But To Those Who Do Know, Or Have Experienced It In The Past, ...Look Up. Take A Minute ........No Matter What Anyone Says Is Going On. Ain't No Rush... Now.... Lift Your Voice & Just Praise Him And Thank Him For Just A Few Seconds From A Grateful, Music-Filled <3..........................................And Watch How Surprising The Rest Of Your Day Will Be..........................<3'n Jesus Always,k \0/