Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wow...How To Begin?

   Well, It's Been Quite Some Time Since I Last Posted. A Lot Has Transpired. My Wife, Regina, Successfully Completed Her Valve Replacement And Came Home. I Have So Much To Be Thankful For. In This Day And Age Where People's Future's And Their Children's Are Dissolving Before Their Eye's. It Saddens Me In A Way. I Grew Up During A Time When Things Were A Little Simpler. I Long For More Simplicity Again. I'm Happy And Grateful To The Lord That My Wife Is Still Well, Although There Have Been A Few Ups And Downs. It Hasn't Been Easy, But Through It, What Am I Learning? Am I Learning To Be A Servant, Or The Served? Yes, I'm Human. I Grumble. But Yet I've Watched My Lord Provide What I've Needed And We Have Needed Because We Know He Loves Us. Otherwise, We Both Would Have Been Dead A Long Time Ago. Thank You Father For Providing Everything The World Can, The World Can't, And Then Some More....<3'n Jesus Always,k