Friday, March 28, 2014

A Recent Video Made Me Think....And Thank...

   I Used To Care If People Read What I Posted.
   Now I Don't: It's My Testimony Of My Life. Not Yours. Go And Live Yours....LOL!
(Over The Past Year Or Two, I've Been Pretty Out Of Touch For A Lot Of People. Call It, "Taking A Life Sabbatical". Because I've Been Learning A Few Things Along The Way......)

I've Always Been A Little Disappointed That I Never Finished My University Education. I'm Sure My Dad Was Too, After All The Money He Spent.
Perhaps I Would Have Been A Celebrity Trainer Or A Doctor Or An EMT. But, Life Happens.

You Can't Plan All The Steps You Will Take On A Journey Into Unknown Territory. Unless Of Course Some Of You Have Some Special Gift For Knowing EXACTLY What Will Happen Tomorrow. Or Even Today For That Matter. I Don't. At Least I Don't Really Think So....

I Was A Boy Scout When I Was Young, And Learned To Use A Map And Compass To Find My Way In Unknown Territory. But See, When Your Born, No One Hands You That Map And Compass. You Have To Go Find It. Or Be Grateful When Someone Gives You One. For Me, That Was Jesus.Yeah, He Used Various People In My Life To Point Me To Him, But Jesus In The End...

But Jesus Gave Me The Map (His Word) And Gave Me A Compass (The Holy Spirit). I've Made It This Far In Life Using Those.
Have Had To Navigate So Many Disasters In Life Recently: Health, Finances, Depression. But Through It All, He Has Been Faithful Each Day To Provide Somehow.

Just Want To Say I'm Grateful. I'm Grateful For The Little I Have. And Grateful That Maybe I Don't Have A Lot. Makes Me Appreciate What I Do Have, IMO, A Little More.

That Each Morning I Can Open My Eyes And Take A Deep Breath.
That I Can Speak And Make Myself Understood.
That I Can Write. And Hopefully...Make Myself Understood.
That I Can Get Up Out Of Bed And Stand Without Assistance, With Minor Pain.
That Jesus Made Coffee.
That God Allowed The Blessed Creation Of Toilet Paper.
That I Have Clean Water To Drink.
That I Have A Shelter Over My Head.
That I Have Something To Eat, And Even Share If Need Be.
That I Have Clean Clothes To Wear.
That I Can Walk Out Of House Anytime I Want And Take A Deep Breath Of Fresh Air.
That I Can Look Up Into The Heavens And Marvel.
That I Can Feel The Warmth Of The Sun On My Face.
 And...I Just Don't Have The Time Or Energy To List Them All...
Well....Maybe One More. That I Have Had To Go Through Lack,Want,And The Dark Valleys Of Life.

 Yes, I Thank You Father For Even The Dark Times Because It Just Gives You One More Chance To
Prove Your Faithfulness And Help Me Grow More.
  ..............<3'n Jesus Always,k