Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Serve Such An Awesome God...Go Ahead & Mock....

  As I Sit Here On A Sultry Night In June, Sorry, July...(Time's Moving Too Fast Nowadays!)  ,,,I'm Thinking Of My Lovely wife Of 25 Years Now. We've Been Through A Lot. She Was Just In The Hospital A Little Over 2 Months Ago. Almost Dead On Arrival In The E.R....Pnuemonia, 60% Oxygen, Congestive Heart Failure, Mild Heart Attack, Etc.  ....But God.....No, It's Not Over Until He, The One Who Breathed The Breathe Of Life Into Each And Everyone Of Us...The One Who Has The Solar System's At His Fingertips.....Oh, Dear God In Heaven! How AWESOME Is Your Love For Such A Weak & Undeserving Creation!
    But, I Digress.....As Of This Moment, My Beloved Is Back In The I.C.U. And Stable.
This Afternoon, Probably Because Of The Heat, Humidity, And A Few Foolish, But Forgivable Mistakes Of Her Own AND Mine, I Was Forced To Call For An Ambulance Because She Couldn't Breathe. If You Have Ever Had To Look In The Eyes Of Someone You Deeply Love, And Tried To Breathe Precious Oxygen Into Their Lungs As They Turn Blue In Front Of You.....Well, Guess You Haven't Really Lived Yet..
  Sorry For The Grammatical And Punctuation Errors. I Was Raised Better Than That. But, Looking Back Over The Last Several Hours, Hope You Can Forgive Me. But If Not For The God I Have Tried To Serve Since I Was 21!
 Even As I Was Caught In So Much Fear In The Moment Of Watching My Best Friend Maybe Die In Front Of My Eyes, The Only Voice I Heard Was The Voice Of Jesus Saying, "She'll Be Fine. Just Trust Me.." I'm So Glad He Loved Me First.......<3'n Jesus Always,k.
Thank You To Bethel Church, Kim Walker-Smith, And Jesus Culture....& All Saints Connected!