Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everyone Needs A Good Laugh......

  Thought I Would Post At Least Twice Today, Because I Was Just Thinking About Seeing Something Earlier That Reminded Me That "Laughter Is The Best Medicine." In Proverbs 17:22 It Says "A Joyful Heart Is Good Medicine, But A Crushed Spirit Dries Up The Bones." And It's Also Extremely Healthy For Your Body And Metabolism To Laugh. Did You Know That There Are Physical, Mental, And Social Benefits?
  Physically, It Boosts Your Immune Systems Behavior, Lowers Your Stress Hormones, Decreases Pain, Relaxes Your Muscles, AND Prevents Heart Disease.
  Mentally, It Relieves Stress, Improves Your Mood, Stifles Fears And Anxiety, Adds Joy And Happiness To Your Life, And Boosts Your Resilience.
  Socially, It Makes Groups Bond Together, Enhances Your Teamwork, Attracts Others To You, Helps Put Away Conflicts, And Generally Strengthens Relationships.
  Did You Know That If You Laugh, It Will Leave Your Muscles Relaxed For 45 Minutes? And The Best Part Of All Is That It Releases Endorphins To Make You Feel Great. I've Always Believed In Laughing My Whole Life. When My Sister And I Were Young, We Would Try To Find Ways Constantly To Make Each Other Laugh To Make Up For When Things In Our Lives Weren't Going So Great And That's Probably Why She Took Up Stand-Up Comedy For A Living.
   So, Saying That, I Decided To Just Post Some Stuff To Take The Stress Out Of Your Day, Make You Giggle Or Laugh, And Make You Just A Little Bit Healthier Today....

  Thank You Heavenly Father For The Gift Of Laughter And Joy In The Midst Of The Storms That Swirl Through Our Daily Lives.....<3'n Jesus,k.