Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Believing In People.....

  It's Early In The Morning Here....Beautifully Quiet. It's Supposed To Be Somewhere In The 70's Today....NNIIIICCCCEE!
   But That's Not The Point Of Me Sitting Down To Write. I Was Just Sitting Here Thinking About How In Our Technologically Overloaded Society, We've Lost The Meaning Of True Relationships. We Run Around All Day Holding Tightly To Our Blackberry's Or iPhone's Trying To Maintain Contact With A Billion People And Never Really Sitting Down And Just Having A Conversation With Them....It's Just Funny How Thing's Have Changed So Much Since I Was A Kid And We Didn't Have All The Gadgets. Used To Be You Had To Meet After School To Make Plans. Now They Just Text Each Other Class To Class. Or Bosses Who Rarely See Their Employee's Except At The Annual Thanksgiving Company Dinner. And They Wonder Why Everyone Is Disgruntled Or Things Go Wrong In The Work Process....And I Think A Lot Of People Are Getting Dissatisfied With The Way Their Lives Are Going. They Are All Looking For Something.
  Just Makes Me Wonder If We Are Headed Toward A Better Future....Or A Grim, Non-Personal One.
Me....I Like To Believe In People. In Compassion. And In Love.......<3'n Jesus,k.