Monday, February 27, 2012

And You Thought I Wouldn't Post?.......

Well.....I Shaved My "Grizzly Adams" Growth Of A Beard Back Into A Manageable Form Again. I'd Thought Seriously Of Going For A Kind Of "Guy Fawkes" Sort Of Beard Recently. But Then I Realized, ...My Beard And Mustache Already Look Like That.      So, ..I Guess The Laughs On Me.
   My Beard Is Weird.......It Grows At This Rate That Makes "Kudzu" Look Slow. Actually, Many Of You May Not Know What "Kudzu" Is. Kudzu Is, From Our Good Friends At Is Pueraria lobata, And Possibly Other Species In The Genus Pueraria. It's A Plant From The Genus Pueraria In The Pea Family Fabaceae, Subfamily Faboideae. It Is A Climbing, Coiling , And Trailing Vine Native To Southern Japan And Southeast China. It's Name Comes From The Japanese Name For The Plant, Kuzu. It's A Weed That Climbs Over Trees Or Shrubs And Grows So Rapidly That It Kills Them By Heavy Shading.
   But Anyways....It Grows Too Fast For My Comfort. ....Or Desire To Commit Manslaughter On Myself Each Morning. Give Me One Week And I'll Probably Look Like Gerard Butler In "300". Yeah That Fast And It Drives Me Nuts. You Know How Many ELECTRIC Shavers I've Gone Through? And "The-Ultimate, 9-Bladed, 'Slice-And-Dice', 'Vibrate-Enough-To-Make-Minor-Cuts-Into-Emergency-Room-Casualties', Sadistic-Instruments-By-Gillette/Bic/Put-The-Name-Of-Your-Favorite-Manufacturer-Here".......They Lead To More Blood-Letting Than The Red Cross.........Unless You Like Ugly.
   So, (As A Side Note: I Do Have A Habit Of Using The Word "So" Quite Liberally In A Lot Of My Posts. SO,.....Please Excuse.) I Tried To Skillfully Sort Out My Beard Issues. A Few Dry Hacks Without Drawing Any Blood Or Seeing Any Red Gave Me Enough Confidence To Finish Off The Job. Now Looking Like A Bad Impression Of Wyatt Earp, I Have Resolved To Complete The Delicate Task Of  Manicuring My Facial Vegetation Into Something Less Than That Resembling A Neanderthal Man Or African Mountain Gorilla.
   I Don't Have Anything Particularly Awe-Inspiring Or "Supernatural" To Say Today....Just Putting My Simple Life Out There For People To See. So, (There It Is Again. The Dreaded...."So"....grrrr....) Today I'll Just Give You A Link To A Really Amazing Article That Really Struck My Heart When I Read It. 
 So, (LOL!) It Will Be Something For You To Chew And Digest Cause I Know I Did And I Was In A Pretty Glum Mood And Felt Like God's Presence Had Dried Up. Or That Perhaps "I" Had Sinned Somehow Or Missed His Timing In Something. Or Offended Someone. Didn't Feel Like Reading It Much, But Something Just Prompted Me To Keep Reading. ......And Then You Feel That Little Tap On Your Heart And Start To Sense His Loving, Warm, Accepting Presence Wrap Itself Around You And Just Touch Your Heart And Heals Whatever Bruise Is In There. And Then, ....The Tears Of Joy Begin To Flow...............................<3'n Jesus,k.