Saturday, February 25, 2012

Always Amazing..Part 2.....Updated: Sorry..

Updated: Sorry For The Delay In Getting This Up. Once Again Knocked Down For A Day Or So With A Bug Or Something....Thanks For Your Prayers. So, Onward Dear Readers......

  Well, My Dear Readers, I Said Yesterday That I Was Going To Let You Know What Happened Today After My Meeting With Pastor Eric. Really Awesome. He Showed Up With A Youth Pastor And A Team Of Probably 8 or 9 Teenagers And Young Adults. They Came In And Just Started Helping Clean My Whole House And Backyard While I Spent Some Time Talking With Pastor. I Liked Him The Minute I Met Him. I Knew That We Were On The Same Level And That We Had The Same Kind Of Heart For People. So, I Believe I'm Going To Start Going To The Dream Center For Awhile And See If That's The Direction God's Pointing Me. And I'm Pretty Sure It Is. Of Course At The Moment We Don't Have Transportation, But......Funny Thing. When I Mentioned This To Pastor Eric, It Turns Out That My Friends Carmen And Alan Who Had Set This Up, Just Became The Transportation Team For The Church. So, Now I Have A Ride To Church.....The Father's Not Giving Me Any Excuses This Time! LOL!...But, I Really Think This Is The Beginning Of A New Chapter Again With The Lord.
  The Lord Gives Us Seasons In Our Lives, Just Like The Seasons Of The Year. We Have Spring When New Ideas And Fresh Things From Out Of The Heart Of The Father Spring Up In Our Minds Out Of Our Hearts And We Begin To Act Out And Walk In Whatever Vision The Lord Has For Our Lives.....And He Himself Brings About Unexpected Changes That Face Us With Some New Challenges In Our Lives.
   I Haven't Been To Church For Quite A Few Months. Or Much Of Anywhere Else For That Matter. And I've Had A Lot Of Time To Pray And Reflect  On Past Mistakes And Glories. ...And I Have Such A New Appreciation For How The Father Gently Brings Us Along Through Life. Sometimes Through Suffering Brought On By Ourselves. But He's Always Faithful To Be There And Open A New Door Of Hope To You.
   All Is Never Lost With The Lord. I'm Living Proof Of That Too Many Times Over. When He Says That If We Trust In Him, He'll Get Us Where He Wants Us To Go. I Now Look At This Personally In My Own Life. I'm Ready To Get Back Out Among A Body Of Believer's That REALLY Loves Each Other, And Are Not All Talk. ....And I Think Perhaps I Think I May Have Found It Again. .Or Rather, The Father Opened The Door For Me To Go So, Look At It Whichever Way You Want To. I Know That Jesus Always Wants The Best For Me, And Sometimes You Go Through Some Hard Times, Like With My Wife's Agoraphobia. And I Was Beginning To Think I Had It Too. But, I Tried To Just Stay Faithful In Prayer For Others, Knowing That The Father Would Return It Back To Me 7 Fold. So, As I Take This Step Tomorrow, I Pray That It Will Also Be A Fresh Revelation For Not Only Myself, But To Those That Do Read This Blog. That We Will Both Be Able To Grow In Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, And Most Of All, Love, From Which All These Things Truly Flow......I'll Keep You Updated.......<3'n Jesus,k.