Sunday, February 19, 2012

Always Amazing......

  Well, My Dear Friends...My Lord Is Just Amazing Sometimes. He Just Always Knows The Proper Time To Spring A Blessing On You Or Open A New Door In Your Life.....
  I've Been Praying And Asking The Lord For Direction, And Like I Said In Previous Posts, Was Getting Rather Downcast. But,...... God Is Always Faithful To His Word....... His Time Doesn't Move Like Our Time. So, We Just Have To Learn To Trust Him And Be Patient And Since Yesterday Was My Birthday, I Didn't Post Anything.
   So, Like I Was Saying, I Had Been Asking For Some Direction, And He Had Showed Me Through The Holy Spirit, His Word, And Other Little Messages, That I Had Been Dragging MY Feet! Well, Goodness. What A Shock. But I Could Have Sworn That God Was Just Being Delayed Somehow From Doing All The Things He Had Shown Me Before. ......Yeah, Right........Foolish Human.
  Anyway, I Had To Do Some Repenting After Having A Conversation With My Friend In Ohio, And Suddenly, Like He Always Does, The Father Lovingly Surprises You With Something To Let You Know That He Loves You Deeply And Wants To Show You.
   A Couple Of Very Good Friends Of Mine, Who Attend The Buffalo Dream Center Led By Pastor Eric T. Johns, Stopped By My House This Afternoon And Told Me That They Had Spoken With This Pastor About Me.......And That He Wanted To Come Over Tomorrow And Meet And Talk With Me. Now, Pastor Eric Johns Has Received National Attention Because He Spends One Week Of The Year Around Christmas On The Streets Homeless To Draw Attention To Their Plight. And He And His Wife Started The "Boxes Of Love" Food Delivery Ministry. So, The Guy Is Pretty Well Known, I Guess. And He Wants To Come Talk To Me? So, Like "Alice In Wonderland", It Grows "Curiouser And Curiouser" In My Life. But, It Caused Me To Realize That, Just Like The Lord Had Been Trying To Tell Me, "I Have A Plan For Your Life. And When You Gave Your Life To Me, I Gave My Life To You. And Took You At Your Word That You Were Giving Me Control. So I'm Taking You To Where I Want You If I Have To Send Them To Your House To Tell You So."
   I Think I Get His Point Now. And We'll See What Happens Tomorrow. I'll Let You Know Tomorrow, Good Or Bad ....But Probably Something Great.
When YOU Get Up Tomorrow, Start To Look Around And See Who You Might Be Able To Bless, And Watch How Fast The Father Blesses You Back.....Give It A Try. You Might Get Addicted To It .... ........................<3'n Jesus,k.