Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forgot Something From Yesterday.....

  This Is A Post I Had Put On One Of My Facebook Groups. And I Got To Thinking About It And Decided To Repost It Here To Share With Other, Only Because Of The Positive Responses I Received From Many Others On Facebook:
You Know, I Was Just Praying Over Someone's Request, When I Felt That Loving Presence Of Our Master Wrap His Arms Of Love Around Me, And I Began To Weep. Not Just For Myself, But For What I Began To See Through His Eyes. And I Saw So Many Of My Brother's And Sisters In Pain, And Tears, And Want, And Suffering, And Anguish Of Whether Or Not Their Master Even Heard Their Cries And Tears. And I Began To Hear His Voice Through My Own Tears, Softly But Firmly And Lovingly,.....Oh, So Much Love And Concern!...And He Said, "Dear Child, Don't You Realize How Many Tears A Day I Shed For All My Children Around The World. I See Every Little Pain That They Are Going Through, And Some They Have Not Even Realized Are Hurting Them Each Day. I Try So Hard To Let Them Know, That Their Release Of This Agony That They Go Through Can Only Be Found Through Me. Tell Them From Your Own Experiences, That I AM RIGHT THERE WITH THEM! I Haven't Gone Anywhere. I'm Creating Something New Within Each One Of My Special Children. I'm Drawing You Together Across Denominational Borders, Generational Borders, Ethnic Borders, And Societal And Political Borders. I Am Drawing My Body Together As The Church It Is Supposed To Be. And I Will Glorify Myself Through It. The enemy Knows What Is Transpiring, And He Is Trying To Snuff Out The Fire In My Children's Hearts. But The Father Just Laughs And Mocks Him, Because What The Father Has Already Decreed WILL Happen, Just As His Desires Are Always Performed."
And His People Have Already Begun, And Are Begining To Rise Up In Faith In The Father And Jesus, And It Will Be A Generation That Hearkens To No Voice But His. And The People That Are Still Unbelieving Will Be Amazed At What Jesus Begins To Do Through Each And Every One Of Us. But Remember To Walk In Humility, Forgiveness, And Most Importantly Of All, Love. We're Told In The Books Of John, "How Can A Man Say He Loves God, And Does Not Love His Own Neighbor?" ...Think On It.....Praying And Interceding For You All....♥'n Jesus,k.