Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Psalm Of My Own To The Lord.....

  Something That Has Been On My Mind Off And On Throughout This Last Few Weeks. Seeing How Many Of My Brothers And Sisters In The Lord, And Even Those Who May Not Fully Know Him Yet, Have Been Going Through Great Trials And Depression And Oppression....Well, I Kind Of Wrote My Own Psalm To The Lord From My Own Heart..:
 " Oh Lord, Where Are You Sometimes? My Heart Is Longing To Feel Your Gentle Touch,...To Hear That Still, Small, But Oh So Powerful Voice That Floods My Being With Joy And Hope....My Soul Aches For Your Peace Lord. What Have I Done To Offend You? Have I Somehow Grieved Your Spirit? Have I Overlooked Something Hidden Within My Heart?...Oh Please Dear Master, Answer Me And Show Me, I Beg Of You. Let Me Feel Once Again That I Am Not Alone In This Cold And Sometimes Frightening World We Live In. We Are But Clay Father. So Prone To Errors. None Of Us Is Perfect Father, Not One. But Lord, You've Told Us Of Your Grace..That Precious, Unmerited, Unwarranted, Undeserved Favor That Has Given Us Reason To Hope In You. And Lord, Still I Wait For Your Touch Once Again, And Yet You Whisper Gently Again To Just Be Patient. And I Have Found, Oh Lord, That Once Again, The Scales Begin To Fall From My Eyes, And The Warmth And Intense Love Of Your Touch Wraps Around Me Suddenly, And The Tears Of Joy And Love Begin To Fall. And Once Again Your Voice Lovingly Chides Me For Not Trusting You...Selah."  
....And I Can Once Again See The World And Most Importantly, People In A Beautiful New Light. People With Lives That Hope Is Being Birthed In. People With Lives That Have A Wonderful Destiny With God As Their Guide. People With Wonderful Gifts That Have Been Given By Above That Will Begin To Truly Shine.
    ......People That Are Beautiful Inside, Like A Shining Diamond With Many Lovely Facets. And Little By Little, The Master Chips Away At Each Of These Facets And Fixes The Minor Flaws Until The True Beauty Of His Spirit Shining Through Each One Of Us Will Be Seen On The Outside. And All The Glory Really Belongs To Him. He's The Master Jeweler....
  "Oh Father, Continue To Daily Chip Away At The Flaws Around My Heart, That Eventually The True Radiance And Beauty Of Jesus Christ Can Be Seen In Me And Around Me. This I Ask Humbly Father, Because There Is No Other Way To Ask Of You. I Put My Trust And Life In Your Hands. In Jesus Loving Name, Amen & Amen"...........<3'n Jesus,k.