Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry for the Delay and look.....

 Okay My Little Birdie Friends From Twitter.   I apoligize for the way things Look. SO BUSY! But, I Have been Hearing his Voice constantly. He reveals His Secrets to Those who Will sacrifice the Time to Study and Pray. It's Not easy for some. I Understand Completely. So Does He actually. But He wants SO Badly to Spend Time with Us And Teach Us How to Overcome All the Obstacles that the enemy Tries to Throw In Our Path.
   So, How do We achieve this big "Spiritual Greatness"? How do we see The things He Has Hidden from The eyes of Men and Women. He calls Us Constantly to counsel with Him. Listen, Sounded Like a Bunch of Crap to me too when I first heard it or Tried it. And Yes, I said CRAP, to all those of you out there who have set themselves up on their little Ivory Towers to Judge what I Say or do. Go Ahead. Fire Away. I Don't Care. I'm Dead Inside to false Criticism in the Light of His Word. I Know the Word. Have studied for 30+ Years. Have also Made a Total Mess of things When I Handled it myself.
  It's Just a Word. It depends Upon the Thoughts And Intentions Of YOUR Heart how you View it. Is YOUR Vision clouded with Judgement calls? Yes, we are to Judge. We are to Separate Fear From Faith. Are People Responding Out of Fear in their Hearts or Are they responding to What I say with Faith? Tricky Question. But Didn't Jesus Himself Spend 90% of His Time in the MARKETPLACE instead of Church? This isn't to reach the saved. It was to Reach the Unwashed, the Dirty, the Poor, the Wretched and Miserable. What need do Healthy People With a Doctor? Grow Up People. He came NOT TO CONDEMN but to save. So, that's all I've Got to Say about that.                                     <3Him,pk