Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1.....Post "Rapture" Proclamation.......Here We Go Again...

   Well, An Interesting Day So far. It's Beautiful, Sun-Shiney And Absolutely Gorgeous Today. A Perfect Day. Maybe Not In Every Part Of The World, But At Least Right Here Where I Am. But Know, My Heart Grieves Terribly For Those Around Us Who ARE Going Through Things That Have Pushed Them To Their Limits. Economic Woes in Our Country Here In America Have No Comparison To A 9.5 Earthquake Or The Washing Away Of Your Entire Livelihood. Everything You've Ever Had, Gone In An Instant.
   We Have Our Own Problems Here In America. Unemployment is One Thing, And Maybe Having To Scrape By On A Lot Less is Pretty Damaging To Our Egos When We Used To Be Able To Go Out And Buy Or Pay For Whatever We Wanted. I Like Tanning. But, I Don't even Have My Car Right Now To Get Anywhere. I Can Look Out My Window Into My Backyard And See It Sitting There On Jacks. My Nice little 2006 Mazda 626LX. Love That Little Car. But, Can't Even Afford To Get It Fixed. So, It Sits. Did Have 3 Offers In One Day Last Week, After Sitting For A Year. Funny How God Works. Sometimes We Don't See The Miracles He Puts In Our Front Of Our Eyes. We Look For Massive "WHOO- BOY!" Miracles. Fire Out Of Heaven, Angelic Visitations, Or Jesus Himself Appearing In The Flesh To Us. Yeah, I Always Wanted To See Stuff Like That Too. But, God Is Wise. Far Wiser Than Us.
   Everytime I Think I Have Seen Every Angle Of Something From MY Perspective, Then He Suddenly Puts My "Prophetic Eyeglasses" On (And A Very Special ShoutOUT To My Brother In The Prophetic, Prophet Kim Clement. I Love You So Much Brother! You Are "Mi Hermanos De Corazon" I Think Is The Proper Term. I'm Still Learning My Spanish, Ok? Geez... But, It Means, Brother Of My Heart. I Feel Teribly Connected To This Man From All The Way Around The Other Side Of The World. And SUPER-Connected To Austrailia And New Zealand. Funny How God Sends A Man Across The World To This Nation To Speak Great Things Over Us. And I Am Feeling That Sometime In The Near Future, I'll Be Going To Austrailia To Speak There. And NZ. Don't Feel Left Out.
   But, God Does Say In His Word That "A Prophet Is without Honour In His Own Country". Because The People Who Know Us Think They Know Who We Are. But, What They Cannot See, Is What God Himself Has Been Doing Behind The Scenes. Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged.
 But, Thats Another Story For Another Time. Man, I Kinda Got Away From My Point. That Again, Some Man-Of-God Has Proclaimed, To My Utter Shame, That The World Would End Today. Man, Don't Want To Be In His Shoes Monday. What I Can't Comprehend Is How If He Spent That Much Time Looking through The Bible, Why Did He Miss The Words Of His Own Master? Jesus Himself said He Didn't Even Know, Only The Father. Well, The Thing That Tears My Heart Out Is Soo Many People Did Listen. People Who Honestly Thought This Was The end. Sold Off Everything They Had. Emptied Out And Sold Off All Their Savings And Retirement Without Once Going And Checking The Facts Out For Themselves. What Did JESUS say? NO MAN Knows The Hour. The Only Thing He said Was That We Would Know The Signs Of The Times, Or "Seasons". What Is A Season? Like Spring, Summer, Winter, And Fall. Are We In The Spring? Yes. Is Summer Coming? Yes. Well, The Things Happening In The World To Some Speak Total Destruction. Yes, There Is Loss Of Life. Yes. There Is Loss Of Possessions And Goods And Entire Livelihoods. But, What About Job? He Lost All Too In One Day. Families, Children, Grandchildren, Servants, Workers, All His Businesses, And Finally His Own Health. Even His Own Wife Told Him To Just Curse God And Die. But He Would Not Give Up On Believing In The goodness Of God And His Understanding And Oversight In The World We Live In.
    Think About It. Here's A Guy Who's Lost EVERYTHING! even His Own Wife Is Given Up. Well, Kind Of Know Personally About That, But Let's Continue. His Health,Wealth, and Family Are Dead And Gone To Him. They Are Ashes Upon The Altar That Is Called "My Life". And Yet, He Would Not Curse God. He Had Some Buddies That Came Over And Told Him A Lot Of Sad Stories And Tried To Tell Him He MUST Have Some Sort Of Unconfessed Sin In His Life. But He Stood By What He Believed. But After Awhile, Even He Got Frustrated A little. He Got A Little Prideful. He Stood By His Own Righteousness.
   "What Did I Ever Do To You God That All This Crap Happens To Me? I Take Care Of 1000's Of People With My Businesses, I Love My Family, I Help People Out, I Even Love Your Name And Praise You. Why Me? I'm Righteous, Aren't I?" Uh, Oh. Bad Move.  And Now, Suddenly....God Shows Up Out Of The Whirlwind And Says "Oh, Okay, Job! So You Think I'm So Unrighteous Do You? Well, Buddy, You Stand Up And Pull Your Pants Up! Answer Me Like The Man You Think You Are! Lemme Ask YOU A Few Questions.....Are YOU The One That Set The Clockwork Of The Heavens In Perfect Alignment And Timing? My Universe Moves Smoother Than That Cheap-Ass Rolex On Your Wrist. Can You Harness The Power Of The Oceans And Make Them Come So Far Up The Shores And Say "No Further!"?  HUH?
 Come On Job. ANSWER ME! Can You Walk Up To The Brontasaurases And Say "Give Me A Ride"?
 Can You Put A Ring In The Nose Of Leviathan And Guide Him? Your Little Spears And Stones Aren't Squat To Him! You Run SCREAMING Like A Little Girl! Or What About My Dragons That Fire Is Blown From Their Nostrils? Did You Light The Pilot Light In There? You Couldn't Get 1000 Feet Close To Him! You Make Me Laugh Job! Cmon, Let's Here How You Make Mountains Rise Up With Just A Glance! Cmon Big Man! WhatChou Got? You Ain't Got Chit Man! And You wanna Judge ME! Boy, I'll Knock You Into The Next 1000 Years! You Stick To What Turf You Know, And Let Me deal With Things I Know. Capiche?
     Well, EverymanJob Only had One Answer. Think I'll Just Close My Mouth Now And Not Babble About Stuff I Don't Know Diddly About. Who Am I? Nobody. Well, Once He Realized His Blast Had Been Called, He Backed down. And What Did God Do? Punt Him Like A Football To Venus? Maybe Send a Wave Of Zombified Animals After Him? Make Him Try To Hold His Breath For Awhile In The Bottom Of The Ocean?.........No. He Blessed Him With More Than He Had Before. Just Taught Him A Lesson. And It Really Wasn't All Job's Fault Anyway. It's Only Because Satan Goaded God The Father Into Trying To Mess With Job's Beliefs. We All Know People Like That Who Try To Push You Into Doing Something That Causes Havoc In Another Persons Life. Well, Next Time You Hear Someone Tell You That, Tell Them, No Thank You And Smile And Walk Away. Make God Happy And Yourself Happier. Don't Be Job.
   And I Guess "That's All I Have To Say About That." ala Forrest Gump.